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Smok Taste Furious V4

The Smok TFV4 (Taste Furious Version 4) is, without any doubts, a specialty tank. This is not your run of the mill vape tank. 

The unit I received for testing and review is shown at the right. It came preinstalled with a Triple Coil and with a Quad Coil also in the box. 

There are some unique features of this tank and you can see some of those at the right (picture on the box). First, it's a top fill design. The top swings by pivoting on a pin with a lock mechanism closed. The juice is retained in the tank with a silicone seal. The drip tip is a brushed stainless steel design with four air flow slots. Air flow in the drip tip can be wide open to all the way closed off.

There is also extreme air flow in the base with four generous sized slots that adjust from wide open to all the way closed off. The rotating mechanism on both the drip tip and the base are nice, tight, and rotate very smoothly.

The tank itself is borosilicate glass. That is a heat treated glass. The top of the tank has an embossed SMOK logo and the base has a laser etched "TFV4" label.

Before I get into the testing and review, I must say that this is one really well built device. Every thread on the tank is incredibly smooth. The pivot point on the top fill swing out element is firm and has a nice quality feel to it. Even the locking mechanism (a tongue-and-groove style) is well done. 

In the nearly six weeks I have had this tank, I've tried every possible coil combination I could get my hands on. Triple Coil, Quad Coil, and the Air Cool Ni200 Coil. Two or three tankfuls daily. Used it on IPVs, Sigelei 150W TC, Sigelei 75W TC, Thirty-Six Stratagems 150W TC, VaporShark, and the Smok X-Cube 2. It's been an incredible journey with this tank and some unexpected results.

With high anticipation, I filled this tank with juice right after picking it up. I didn't even move my vehicle, I filled the tank, primed the coil, and started vaping – all before the vehicle was in gear. I started with the Tripe Coil that was already installed in the tank. Despite soaking the coil to prime it, my efforts weren't good enough. I had to vape on another device while the coil soaked up more juice. I then had three good pulls on the device and had dry hits. I pulled over and primed the coil again: three more good pulls, and then dry hits. Despite "priming" this after every few draws, the dry hits persisted through one full tank of juice. 

After inspecting the Triple Coil closely, it became apparent the design is not optimal for good juice flow. I noticed that the three coils are spread around the center air flow chimney ... that means that juice will always have a more difficult time flowing through to the cotton near that air flow chimney. I suspect that is why I kept getting dry hits with the Triple Coil. You can see that in the picture at the right (note the size of the juice flow holes – seem rather small compared to the Quad Coil). After one and one-half tanks, I gave up and switched to the Quad Coil.

But, my ohhhh my ... that Quad Coil produces some incredible flavor with huge clouds. The coils currently available through Smok include the Triple Coil, Quad Coil, Ni200 Air Core, Ni200 Standard Core, Titanium Air Core, Titanium Standard Core and a Sextuple Coil. These coils are massive. And expensive. A five pack retails at $24.95 (discounted). The Sextuple Coil five pack is $29.95 (discounted).

When I used the Quad Coil, my initial reaction was so-so ... I started vaping it at 35 watts. Then 40 watts – so-so again. Then 50 watts – so-so again. Then 75 watts ... ah, this is when the coil STARTS to get good. I vaped the Quad Coil and thoroughly enjoyed it from 75 watts all the way to 160 watts. At 160 watts, the Quad Coil just shines. Flavor is incredible, and clouds blinding the view of everything within 10 yards. And, at 160 watts, 5 ml disappeared in about 1 hour. Further, at 160 watts, this is at the same vape experience level as a dripping atomizer. 

When the Ni200 coils became available, I jumped at an opportunity to test and review those with this tank as well. One of Smok's other products is my go-go tank: the GCT tank with Ni200 coils. The Smok TFV4 with Ni-200 coils had great appeal and I anticipated an excellent vape.

To "standardize" this portion of the testing, I vaped the Smok GCT with Ni200 coils on the Smok X-Cube 2. The Smok GCT uses Ni200 0.25 ohm coils. 

The Smok TFV4 Air Core Ni200 coils are 0.12 ohm coils. These are a bit easier to prime than the Triple Coils or Quad Coils. There are two sets of nickel wires mounted horizontally in the coil. From the very first draw, the flavor is better than the GCT Ni200 coils, and cloud generation far exceeds the GCT. This is one incredible set up. 

The Smok TFV4 with an 0.12 ohm Ni200 coil on the Smok X-Cube II in temperature coil mode, provides an incredible vape experience at 400 F. To get the same vape experience from the same device, with the GCT tank and an 0.25 ohm coil requires 480 F. At those temperature settings, the flavor is roughly equivalent. But, cloud generation is far greater in the TFV4 tank.

You can see from the image above (at the left), the Smok TFV4 is easy to fill. A juice bottle with a slim tip will fit right in the filler filler slot. I also filled it with the larger tip juice bottle and had no spill over. And, then, a 140 ml bottle with the much larger tip – also no spill over. You can barely see the locking mechanism in the top left of the picture (left of the filler hole) and the silicone seal (that's where the filler hole is) that retains the juice in the tank when the top is in closed position. By the way, the filler hole is an oblong design, you aren't going to end up with a hole sealing around the tip – no juice leaks.

No juice leaks while filling. Not a single drop leaked while filling in the five plus weeks I used this tank.

I did end up with juice leaks, though. I ended up with leaking five times. Two of the leaks were with the Quad Coil installed. The leaking juice came out of the air flow in the base of the tank. Three of the leaks were with the Ni200 coil installed. All of the leaks happened when the tank was on an angle or laying on its side. The worst of the leaking is with the Ni200 coils installed. It's not a tightening issue, I did remove the bases and checked to make sure the coils were tightened properly. 

The Smok TFV4 is not going to become my go-to tank. Not even close. The costs of using this tank are extreme at $5. for one coil (as bought in a 5-pack to reduce costs) and it uses juice just as if there were a global glut of the stuff. I already use more juice than most, averaging 5 to 6 ml a day. With the TFV4 my juice consumption jumps to 12 to 15 ml a day. At the end of the day, the vape experience is no better overall with the TFV4 ... it is an occasional treat, but no more. Compared to another competitive product that generates huge clouds and provides a similar flavor profile, I'll take the competitive product: the Freemax Starre Pro. Coils are less expensive, yet the flavor is about the same as the TFV4 and cloud generation is minimally less – for the trivial difference, the Freemax Starre Pro costs less than half. A value proposition that just can't be ignored.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

This is clearly a niche product. There are two versions, a "Single Tank" kit that Canvape carries for $34.95, and a "Sub-Ohm Tank" kit that Canvape carries for $42.95. The difference between the two kits is that the Single Tank kit comes with a Triple Coil, and the Sub-Ohm Tank kit comes with a Triple Coil, Quad Coil, RBA (rebuildable) coil, screwdriver and a few other extras. Either version is good value. I'd recommend the Sub-Ohm Tank kit ... that way you get to try the Triple Coil and the Quad coil before investing in a five-pack of coils. Plus, you'll get the RBA too. The coils are expensive. When initially launched, the only coils available were the Triple Coil and Quad Coil packs. Both retail at Canvape for $24.95. Since then, the Sextuple Coil, Ni200 coils, and Titanium coils are released. They are all $24.95 except for the Sextuple Coils ($29.95). Coils do last a long time, but that doesn't lessen the "niche" classification I am giving the TFV4 tank. This doesn't just sip your juice, it gobbles tons of the stuff. Niche it may be, worth it? Definitely. It's hard to get dripping quality vaping in a convenience tank. Smok gets it. One note: keep in mind that these coils are super low resistance. Most devices will not be able to fire these coils. The Triple Coil and Quad Coil require a minimum of 75 watts to even get a decent vape ... the higher the wattage the better. You'll need a high end device to use with this tank. And, although I didn't mention it in the testing and review, I used the X-Cube II on occasion, and the Sigelei 150W TC most of the time. Dual batteries will need to be reached 2.5 x through the day to use with this tank.

What’s in the box?

TFV4 Tank
New Patent Triple Coil Head (0.2ohm, work with 40W - 130W)
Silicone Ring
Silicone cushion
User Manual