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Uwell Rafale

Totally different packaging. A round light tube with a pull off top.

The contents are surrounded by air bubble packaging. The packaging is nicely done.

The design of the Uwell Rafale is reminiscent of the Uwell Crown. Both have a small segment of the top and bottom that sticks out. Most people put the rubber ring around the top, I expect they will do the same with the Rafale.

Comparing this with the Uwell Crown, the top filling section is completely redesigned. It's not an improvement, though. First thing to notice is that the drip tip is not removable. It forms part of the top and you use the drip tip to "twist" the top to add juice. And, it's quite a twist: over 520 degrees of rotation (that's more than 1 and 1/2 full turns) to be able to add just and another more than 1 and 1/2 turns to close it.

The top has two holes on either side of the drip tip. One hole you insert your juice container tip and the other is to vent air escaping from the tank as you fill.

This new method of filling is not great. The hole is quite small. You'll need a very narrow tip on your juice container or you'll have to use a filler syringe. Forget using an eye dropper.

Even a narrow tip on the container isn't great. See how close that hole is to the drip tip? Even a unicorn bottle has to be tilted to make it work.

We had plenty of leaks with this. The first time we couldn't figure out where it was leaking from. We had juice all over our hands, all over the tank, and running down the mod. The flow of juice once you insert it into that little hole ends up coming out the hole on the other side when you use a bit too much pressure to transfer the juice from the container to the tank.

The second type of leak happens when you don't tighten the top enough. You pretty much need a torque wrench to get this thing tight enough to stop leaking.

Uwell should have planned this tank out a bit better. Not only is the top filling on the wonky side, but Uwell made a blunder by introducing a new coil that is not compatible with the Uwell Crown.

Sure, they'll get early adopters and those suffering from "shinny-itis" ... but the vast majority of users that already have the Uwell Crown will think twice before investing in another totally new system. Man, if you are going to swap everything out, get the Aspire Cleito. Costs less too.

The saving grace for the Uwell Rafale is an astounding 5 Ml capacity. Well, I think it's the saving grace.

On the positive side, the Uwell Rafale provides excellent flavor and cloud generation. It is at least equivalent to the Uwell Crown, perhaps has a slight edge over it.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

The Uwell Rafale is at a price premium over the Uwell Crown and just about every other tank too. Coils for the Rafale are about the same price as the Crown, though. So, the verdict ... if you already own the Uwell Crown, don't bother. The only advantage of the Rafale over the Crown is 1 Ml more juice for the Rafale. The other negatives far outweigh that advantage, though. If you are not a current Uwell Crown owner, there are a lot of other tanks available without the negatives of the Rafale (I'd pick the Crown over the Rafale). And lower priced too. Uwell coils are at about the mid-point in pricing, and they are good. If Uwell would have coil compatibility between the Crown and Rafale, this would be an entirely different game. Not recommended as an upgrade to the Uwell Crown.

What’s in the box?

  • Uwell Rafale tank with 0.25 ohm pre-installed SS316 coil
  • Spare quartz glass
  • 0.5 ohm SS316 coil
  • Spare rubber ring
  • Uwell sticker
  • Authenticity validation code