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Kanger Aerotank Mini

The first version of the Kanger Aerotank is an exceptional clearomizer with a capacity of 2.5 ml. The Kanger Aerotank has several features that make it a stand-out product: glass tank, the new Kanger bottom dual coil that delivers exceptional taste, and air flow control so that it appeal to all vapers whether they choose to mouth inhale or lung inhale (and everything in between).

The lines are shifting with the introduction of the Kanger Aerotank Mini. There are quite a few enhancements and new features:

  • A new design bottom dual coil with backward compatibity
  • A new air flow design that Kanger calls the "version 2"
  • A new drip tip that closely resembles the Kayfun style (with a higher air flow)
  • A nice capacity 1.3 ml tank system
  • Both a Pyrex glass tank and Stainless Steel tank that you can choose from as a standard item with each product
  • Entirely Stainless Steel constructions, with included Pyrex glass tank and silicone seals

Before you read the rest of this review, note that I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING the Aerotank Mini. If you are only going to have one tank, it has to be the Aerotank Mini. The taste rendition is absolutely perfect, the throat hit is equalled only by rebuidables and the Aerotank Mega. It looks great and sits on an eGo battery like it's twin. There appear to be different versions available, some are reported to include 2.0 ohm coils, mine came with 1.5 ohm coils.

Included in the attractive box:

  • Aerotank Mini clearomizer (with a really nice drip tip) assembled with a 1.5 ohm coil and with the Pyrex glass tank ... just add juice and you are ready to vape
  • Second 1.5 ohm coil
  • Second tank  (stainless steel) that you can use instead of the Pyrex glass tank
  • Instruction Guide
  • Certificate of Authenticity

The diameter of the Aerotank Mini is 14.0 mm (0.55 in.). Without the drip tip, the height is 54.5 mm (2.14 in.) and with the drip tip the height is 70.9 mm (2.79 in.). I really hope that you can buy the drip tip separately. It is a very nice design in stainless steel to fit any system with a 510 style drip adapter opening (and styled like the Kayfun/Russian atomizer drip tips). This is an eGo threaded atomizer.

 On to the practical. 

The Aerotank Mini is a bottom load clearomizer. That is, you remove the bottom cap that exposes two holes where you can insert your bottle tip to fill with juice. I really like this design ... the air flow "chimney" sticks out beyond the air holes which means you do not have to use a needle nose bottle to fill. The two holes are also nice and large. As part of this test, I have a new DIY Spearmint VG juice that I started using several days ago. Since I know what this tastes like on several tanks (Nautilus, Kayfun, Aspire BDC, and Aerotank Mega), I decided to try it on the Aerotank Mini as part of the test and review. I filled the tank about 3/4 full and primed using only two puffs in and out without power. When I pressed the fire button I was totally impressed. The flavor is perfect and easily equal to a rebuildable with a dual twisted coil I built myself and equal or better than the Aerotank Mega (it's only equal). 

Just like when I reviewed the Aerotank Mega, this time I decided to take a break for a few days and just enjoy vaping with this new Aerotank Mini. I was concerned about this review – the Aerotank Mini is by far the most expensive clearomizer that has a diameter specific for eGo sized batteries. It's easily 50% more expensive. I was curious how Kanger could justify such a high price (only a few dollars less than the Aerotank Mega). Gheez, now with several days of vaping behind me with this tank, I have absolutely no doubt the value proposition is excellent. If you are going to have only one tank, it has to be the Kanger Aerotank Mini. If you are going to have two tanks, they BOTH have to be the Aerotank Mini. It's that good, and then some. 

The construction of the Aerotank Mini is absolutely precise. The threads are all super buttery smooth. It is compact, yet offers a huge feature set that is uncomparable. It renders remarkable air flow performance, quiet, and thorough. In this size range, it leads the pack in flavor. It even surpasses higher end and larger capacity clearomizers. The throat hit is outstanding and every bit as good as the Aerotank Mega that I previously reviewed and drew attention to the throat hit.

I also have to mention the air flow control. I know there are some rebuildable mini tanks with air flow control, but there aren't many (if any) clearomizers with air flow control. The Kanger Aerotank Mini is very well designed and even have a graphic etching for positioning the open air hole over the correct flow pattern under the ring. The hole is a very nice size and will easily adjust for lung draws as well as tighter flow mouth draws. The ring itself has a nice feel and smooth action. The pressure is just right, you can't move it by mistake yet it moves when you want to adjust the air flow. The entire unit is quiet, does not gurgle, and not even one hint of a leak. The perfect clearomizer is finally here! 

The Verdict: Is It Worth It? There is absolutely no hesitation: go out and buy at least one of these – you will not be disappointed. Kanger has moved the bar with version 2 of their Aerotank system and the Aerotank Mini meets the bar and maybe even pushes it up a bit. The local retailer carries the Aerotank Mega but did not order any of the Aerotank Mini thinking the price would be a barrier. At only a few dollars less than the Aerotank Mega, they suspected buyers would prefer the larger tank. Not so, the Aerotank Mini is a perfect, absolutely perfect, partner for eGo style batteries and one tank you just can't be without. So much so, I'd probably find a way of getting rid of other tanks just to force myself to get one of these. I've suggested the local retailer to get these in stock and I'll buy at least one more. Get your own, and pair it up with a chrome or stainless steel eGo battery and you will be thrilled with your new combo.