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Innokin Gladius from Canvape

Innokin has launched a new Stainless Steel and Glass clearomizer: the Gladius.

It is packaged in their new style clear box that features the instructions printed on the inner wrapper. The unit is shown at right exactly as you would buy it. It includes the unit, a great looking matching drip tip and a total of three of their new Bottom Dual Coils. 

The coils are available in resistance of 1.5 ohms or 2.1 ohms. The test version shown at right has the 2.1 ohm coils.

The finish of the clearomizer is a brushed stainless steel that seems to be more common these days. I paired it with a similar finish Smoktech Winder battery for the tests. 

One note to make while discussing this pairing: the Smoktech Winder 1500 mAh has dual 510 and eGo connectors. The Innokin Gladius has a 510 connector. For the overall look to be smooth looking, you really need to buy a straight style beauty ring (that's the style #1 at the Canvape online store) for $3.95 extra.

I've always been a fan of the Innokin iClear clearomizers. They are well made and provide some great flavor and throat hit. The Innokin Gladius continues that tradition – actually it raises the bar on the Innokin line of clearomizers to an entirely new level. Better yet, it matches the other top contenders (the Aspire Nautilus Mini and the Kanger Aerotank Mini) as the best of the best. Despite this, the Innokin Gladius remains about 30% lower priced than its other two rivals. The only real winner here is the vaping community that benefits from a great price for a great product.

The Innokin Gladius has a capacity of 1.4 ml. That's about par for these size tanks. Innokin clearomizers have never really had problems with leaks or gurgling. The Gladius is oustanding in this regard, fill it with eLiquid and vape without any annoying eLiquid flops. 

The Gladius also features air flow adjustment with a very stable control ring. I like how this is implemented with an easy-to-detect knurled section that is slightly raised from the otherwise flat surface of the clearomizers itself. Air flow control is dual sided. There are two wide slits on each side of the air flow control ring that exposes wide slots in the air flow system. It can be shut down completely or wide open and infinite range in between. The only aspect of the Gladius that I find a bit disconcerning is the sound of air flowing when wide open. That isn't a problem for me, I like a tight air draw (as most do) and there is no sound of air flow at the setting I prefer.

This is a bottom fill tank. You remove the bottom base (that houses the air flow, control ring and coil). The bottom of the tank has a "bridge" with two wide holes on either side of the air tube – and, the air tube is raised above that platform making it difficult to overfill the tank. It's easy to see the eLiquid level through the glass tank portion. Then put the base back on and vape away. A lot easier than earlier tanks.

Many manufacturers are switching from plastic tanks to glass tanks. Not all, however, are switching from rubber seals and O rings to silicone. The Innokin Gladius has silicone seals and O rings. This is a real bonus. Silicone not only forms a tight seal, but it also is not likely to expand with some eLiquids like rubber does. Well done, Innokin, it's added value for vapers. Only the drip tip has rubber O rings to help stabilize the drip tip on the top of the tank ... but those O rings never come into contact with eLiquid, so that's not a problem or issue.

The Innokin Gladius performs. Man, does it perform. Flavor is exceptional ... easily equal to a Kayfun rebuildable atomizer, on par with the Aspire Nautilus Mini and the Kanger Aerotank Mini. And vapor production: it's a cloud maker that well simulates smoke from tobacco stick. Throat hit is great. This is a winner at any price. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? I have been so fortunate lately to test and review clearomizers that are clearly heads and shoulders above the industry norm. The Innokin Gladius is up there – there just is no question about it: it's highly recommended. I'd rate this as one of the best values available today at this price. What I find really surprising is that the coils are the lowest price in this range and class of clearomizers. It's not quite half the price, but awful close to it – a pack of five coils for $9.95



  • Posted by Tomas Fell on June 3, 2016, 3:05 pm

    I just bought one yesterday, it leaks and gurgles, two pufs and I have my mouth full of ejuice

  • Posted by peter bailey on March 20, 2015, 6:41 pm

    Totally agree with the above. Have just got this in the UK for under a tenner. Being a toolmaker I can say that it is well made. The taste and flavour just burst through and improves the juice twofold. Just sold my Aspire Nautilus on "that site" and still had some leftover on the cost of the Gladius. 40% better than the Nautilus and coils much more reliable at almost half the cost. Tank is small but could almost fill in the dark as so easy, dont require a pair of gland nut pliers to undo like the Nautilus. For the price you cant go wrong, worth twice the price.