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VapeOnly Maxi BDCC from The Canadian Vaper

It is getting increasingly difficult to review clearomizers. The Vapeonly Maxi BDCC is a bottom dual coil changeable that has the same (or very) similar characteristics as the Aspire ET line of clearomizers.

I have also noticed that retailers are displaying Aspire / Vapeonly as the description for many of the clearomizers they offer on their online stores. After doing some research, I have found that one manufacturer produces the same product for multiple companies.

The Vapeonly Maxi BDCC uses a bottom dual coil. In the package I received, two coils were included: 1.8 and 2.1 ohms (it says 2.2 ohms on the box, but the coil is actually 2.1 ohms as stamped on the coil itself). The coils are the same design used on other clearomizers and are outstanding for transfer of flavor and producing vapor. It is actually a very pure taste. The tank is plastic, the drip tip is plastic. The other parts are chromed or brushed steel (not specified, but I suspect stainless steel). The tank features a capacity of 1.5 ml and is quite easy to fill from the bottom with or without a needle bottle. If using a broad tip bottle, you will have to tilt the bottle and tank to avoid getting eLiquid in the air flow tube.

Unlike the Aspire ET and ET-S, the drip tip is removable. You can use any drip tip that is a "510" design.

Vapeonly make the MAXI BDCC in seven colors: Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Pink, Purple and Red. It also features dual threads so that it can be used on 510 threaded devices and eGo threaded devices. I am constantly amazed by clearomizers that have dual threads. It is obvious that both threads on the clearomizer have to thread onto their counterparts on the battery top end. The Vapeonly MAXI BDCC has a buttery smooth action.

When I review clearomizers, I usually test on several different types of batteries. The first test is with a fixed or constant voltage (3.7 volts), the second test is with a variable voltage – usually up to about 4.3 volts, and then finally with a variable wattage capable battery, usually ranging from 7.0 to 10 watts.

On all the various batteries I tested the Vapeonly MAXI BDCC, there were characteristics that were the same:

  • vapor was better than most clearomizers
  • draw was identical on all batteries
  • taste was similar but not quite identical on all batteries

Here are the differences:

  • on a 3.7 volt fixed (or constant) voltage battery, the taste was good and pure ... according to Ohms Laws, the wattage would have been 6.52
  • on a variable voltage battery, the taste improved up to about 4.1 volts ... according to Ohms Laws, the wattage at 4.1 volts would have been 8.00
  • on a variable wattage battery, the taste was the same as 8.00 watts (4.1 volts), but improved as I increased the wattage to 9.0, then 9.5, then 10.0. The taste improvement was quite noticeable and there was also a side effect of increased throat hit.
  • at wattage of 8.5 and up, there was an occasional "cracking" type of sound from the clearomizer. I've had this happen before, typically with the "mini" style clearomizers with no adverse effect on the life of the coil or clearomizer or any other aspect of vaping (once you use a system capable of adjusting wattage, it is very difficult to use anything else)

So, overall is this clearomizer worth buying? There is no doubt in my mind this Vapeonly MAXI BDCC is a value buy. The Canadian Vaper sells this unit for $9.95. This is an incredible value when you consider that other tanks cost considerably more, and some charge more than that just for the coil. While you are there, grab yourself an extra pack of coils. The Canadian Vaper sells a 5-pack for $10.50.