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Aspire Atlantis Coils from Stinky Canuck

The Aspire Atlantis is a new convenience tank system that decidedly crosses the "convenience" line and jumps firmly into vaping territory normally associated with RTAs and RDAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers).

The flavor produced by the Aspire Atlantis is exceptional and so is cloud production – an incredibly satisfying vape experience.

The tank itself is nothing special ... the changes are all in the coil. In this review, we focus exclusively on the coil and explain what is going on here.

First, my thanks to Stinky Canuck for providing the Aspire Atlantis coils that we use for this evaluation. Stinky Canuck have the 5 pack of coils in stock and available at either their physical store or at their online store. They seem to be the only source for these right now.

Until the launch of the Aspire Atlantis, the tank system that arguably held the crown for best flavor production was shared between the Aspire Nautilus BVC and the new Aerotank BDC.

At the left I have a side by side comparison of the Atlantis BVC and the Nautilus BVC. The Atlantis is significantly larger. Notice the massive air flow hole at the bottom compared to the Nautilus BVC.

The major differences in the Aspire Atlantis coils are:

1. 3 mm wicking holes – allows thicker VG based liquids to wick more efficiently

2. 0.5 ohm resistance – sub-ohm resistance means thicker wiring that provides greater surface area of the coil wire coming into contact with the liquid for dramatically improved flavor and vapor production

3. optimized for 20 to 30 wattage mods – this is designed for higher wattage devices which means the coils heat up faster and helps your batteries last longer (I've used these coils at up to 70 watts with no negative effects or burnt taste).

4. larger surface area – the surface area is about 10 mm by 10 mm means more juice absorption and more vapor (in practical use, it also means about 1.5x more juice used than with a "regular" coil).

At the right I show a top view of the Aspire Atlantis on the left and the Aspire Nautilus on the right. Both are used, you should see some glistening from the residue juice.

Not only is the coil wire itself significantly changed, but the air flow is absolutely massive.

Anyone who has tested these Atlantis tanks and coils to date have compared the air flow as equivalent to dripping atomizers. I'll concur. Even at the second lowest air flow setting on the air flow control right, this provides lung draws with ease. At the largest setting, it is equivalent to the dripping atomizers I have previously reviewed – taking a back seat only to those dripping atomizers that are modified by users to increase the number of air flow holes.

The first coil I used in an Atlantis tank lasted only two days – and largely because of our testing procedures. With every tank, we allowed the juice to be completely used up and got dry hits before refilling. We pushed the envelop and far exceeded the wattage recommendations from the Atlantis specifications. Aspire spec this out with an optimal wattage range of 20 to 30 watts. We far exceeded that, in 5 watt increments, from 40 to 70 watts. Even at 70 watts we had no burned taste, just improvements in flavor and vapor production. But it did shorten the life span of the coil down to two days. When we stayed within the wattage recommendations, the coil lasted considerably longer.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Aspire continue to lead the field in innovation and quality with the Aspire Atlantis tank. Anyone who has a Nautilus or Aerotank will want one of these – and good luck going back to your regular tank after trying this Atlantis clearomizer. Even those that use RTA and RDA tanks will want one of these – anytime where it is inconvenient to drip, use the Atlantis. You'll get nearly the same vapor production and some incredible flavor. Definitely a must have.


  • Posted by Abigail Posvar on February 4, 2015, 10:16 pm

    I just recently bought an Aspire Atlantis, and I never thought I could love a tank this much. The flavour is phenomenal, and the clouds are superb. No more dripping for this broad!!!