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Aspire Atlantis from NYX E-Cigs

There is nothing trivial about this new Aspire Atlantis. It's a new design featuring the most desirable characteristics in a tank.

Let me say that this Aspire Atlantis should appeal to just about every vaper with every vaping style. It has a brand new coil design: an 0.5 ohm Bottom Vertical Coil. And it's huge. It also features glass tank, a dripper style drip tip, and a newly designed base with outstanding air flow that is easily the equivalent of many dripper atomizers.

The box, which you can see at the right, includes:

  • The unit itself: a glassomizer with 2.0 ml juice capacity and pre-assembled with an 0.5 ohm coil
  • A spare 0.5 ohm coil
  • A spare (replacement) glass tank

Every component is quality. Excellent quality.

At the left, I am showing a pull up of the coil. The liquid flow holes are gigantic compared to the liquid flow holes on any other "convenience" atomizer. Overall, this coil is as large (and in some cases, larger) than the original cartomizers on generation one devices. The air flow through the coil is massive – you can see even from the air flow hole at the bottom of the coil, this can  handle extremes of air flow.

The coil is designed specifically for the Aspire Atlantis and is not compatible with any other Aspire tank system. The Aspire Atlantis specifications state this coil is designed for 20 to 30 watt devices.

The coil is threaded into the base, shown at the right, with a new style of air flow control ring that has a very smooth rotating action with detente positions at each of the four possible settings. Even at the smallest setting, the air flow is better than any other tank and surpasses even the Nautilus Mini and Nautilus at their largest size air flow holes.

In my tests, I started with the smallest air flow hole and set my device to 8.0 watts. The vape experience at this setting is roughly equivalent to the vape experience with the Nautilus Mini, better than the Nautilus (full size) – both at the largest air flow setting. And, it's equivalent to the modified air flow Nautilus (I drilled out a second air flow hole in my Nautilus to achieve 3.6 mm air mass flow). At every other setting, the air flow is dramatically improved and superior to any other convenience tank.

When I set the air flow to its largest setting, the air flow is equivalent to most of the dripper atomizers I have used. I tested at maximum air flow in wattage ranging from 20 watts to 30 watts. Cloud production is exceptional – there simply are no convenience tanks that even come close. And at that wattage range, the flavor generated by this tank is incredible.

To push the limits and see where the coil would fail, I boosted the wattage to 35 watts: improved flavor again, larger clouds, and a slight heat in the vape. At 40 watts: improved flavor again, larger clouds again, and about the same level of heat as at 30/35 watts. At 45 watts: improved flavor again, larger clouds again, and a slightly higher heat from the vape. At 50 watts: slight improvement in flavor again, larger clouds again, and about the same heat from the vape (as 45 watts). At 55 watts: flavor about the same as 50 watts, larger clouds, about the same heat as 50 watts. I continued on at 5 watt increments through to 70 watts and had slightly improvements in cloud production, no better flavor than at 55 watts, and no burnt taste. I did not want to test past 70 watts. And, note, the juice I used for this test is a very thick high VG eLiquid – I am thoroughly impressed with this coil.

The Aspire Atlantis includes a glass tank. Their marketing literature and specifications call this a "pyrex" tank – note that "Pyrex" is a brand name, this is not a Pyrex glass tank, it is a borosilicate glass. Glass, nonetheless – which means you have should have absolutely no concerns regarding liquids that "crack" or "etch" plastic tanks. Along with stainless steel, glass is the safest of all possible materials to use in atomizers. Aspire also round out the safety side with 100% use of silicone seals on all parts, including the drip tip.

Even the drip tip is a new design from Aspire and designed to match perfectly with the Aspire Atlantis. It's an extremely wide bore and fits perfectly on the Atlantis. The diameter of the Aspire drip tip is 12.0 mm, just in case you do want to try a shorty style dripper drip tip. I swapped out the Aspire Atlantis drip tip with a Plume Veil drip tip (11.8 mm) and it fit perfectly. With the slightly shorter Plume Veil drip tip (about 2 mm shorter), the look, to me at least, is even nicer – although it is hard to improve on the design and overall look of the Aspire Atlantis.

The Aspire Atlantis features all stainless steel construction with the Aspire logo carved into the top. It is a brushed stainless steel look.

And some notes to all potential buyers: The Aspire Atlantis is designed around a sub-ohm coil and includes two coils in the package: one is pre-assembled in the tank when you receive it, the spare is under the form fitted plastic insert in the box (along with a spare glass tank). Sub-ohm is a term that has meant anything under 1.0 ohm in the past and typically built manually by individual vapers for use on RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) and RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers). I know of no mass produced commercial sub-ohm coils, until now. Sub-ohm fulfills "the sweet spot" ... that is extreme flavor and larger vapor clouds.

To use the Aspire Atlantis, you will need a device that supports coil resistance as low as 0.5 ohms – this means that unless you already have a device that will still fire at that low of a resistance, you will need to buy one. All mechanical mods will be able to use these (they are not regulated and have no circuitry checking coil resistance). Many of the regulated mods available today support coil resistance as low as 1.2 ohms. So, be aware that you will need to check the specs of your device and make sure it can still fire when you put the Aspire Atlantis on it.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Yes, yes, yes ... not only worth it, but I would run out and buy one of these quickly before they are out of stock. The only disappointment is that the capacity is only 2.0 ml. This tank is best used at a minimum of 15 watts. Below that and the flavor is muted somewhat and it isn't quite as satisfying a vape. However, even at 15 watts, the voltage draw is only 3.0 volts, so this will help extend the life of your battery considerably. Even at 22.5 watts, the voltage draw is only 3.7 volts. This is worth every cent – but get ready to use more juice and fill it more often. I used about 1.5 x more juice with this tank than any other.

Note: we will be doing some long term testing with this tank ... in our use, the first coil only lasted two days. That well may be because we pushed the limits well beyond the specifications (had the battery set up to 70 watts), but it is unusual in that most of the use was at 18 watts, well within the limits.


  • Posted by VIncent Raymond on April 6, 2015, 1:00 am

    I love this thank. Bought it with the CF Sub, was ok but sadly I couldn't vape a full day. I now vape between 24-28 watts on an istick 30watt, kept the CF sub as a backup (handy). I strongly recommend to buy the upgrade to 5ml, but watch out, it's more prone to break if you drop it...! Had one bad coil in 20 so far. I will not change this tank, but will get another mod to get greater autonomy. I use only high VG, so I can get more/less 2 weeks out of a coil. All in all, I stopped smoking and saved a little money also. First buyers: a 30ml bottle will last between 3-8 days, not the 30 days like mouth-to-lungs vaporizers. Since you use more liquid, cut in half the nicotine you would use on smaller tank systems. If I still vape in a few months, temperature control is a must so it's the only reason I would change this thank.

  • Posted by David Williams on January 24, 2015, 11:30 pm

    I have the same coil on my Atlantis going on its 3rd week while vaping between 25-30 watts. It's still producing massive flavor and clouds. The coils are mass produced and you are bound to get a bad one. Hopefully, there are more good ones than bad.

  • Posted by Mike Manuk on December 1, 2014, 10:24 pm

    Same thing for me. Vaped at about 22 watts and the coil only lasted 2 days as well. (fri-sun)