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Aspire Nautilus Mini from NYX E-Cigs

One reason we spend so much time, effort and money on upgrading the vaporizers, clearomizers, and eLiquids is the search for better flavor. It is an on going search, always looking for improve taste sensation. Your search just might be over.

Aspire have released the Aspire Nautilus Mini. It is oddly named, it isn't that "mini" at 19.10 mm, yet it also isn't a regular size. The package includes a beauty ring specifically designed for the Nautilus Mini when used with eGo sized batteries.

As you can see, it looks good.

The air flow ring has detente. It pops into place and stays there. Turning the air flow ring for adjusting the air flow is very positive and smooth.

The entire clearomizer can be taken apart for cleaning.

Even though Aspire call this a "Pyrex" tank, it is not. Pyrex is a brand name, not a glass type. This is a glass tank. All of the seals are silicone (even the drip tip) and that's a bonus. The drip tip that comes with the unit fits the overall look and it is entirely flush with the insert area. You can use almost any 510 style drip tip, except for those with a wider base. If you like the "shorty" or "stubby" style drip tips, you might just want to try the Nautilus MIni with the drip tip removed. The insert base sticks out of the top of the clearomizer by 4 mm. It's easy enough to vape without the drip tip.

I've heard from various sources that the Nautilus Mini renders flavor equivalent to a Kayfun rebuildable atomizer. I've only ever tested three others that meet, even exceed, that challenge and all are rebuildables. The Nautilus Mini is the first cleareomizer of any size that just does that too. That speaks highly of the new Aspire BVC. BVC stands for Bottom Vertical Coil. This is a new style of pre-built coil where the coil element is vertical to the air flow shaft. Other than some rebuildables, there are no pre-built coils that feature this at all. All other coils feature an air flow shaft that is veritical, that is oriented in the same plane as the length of the battery. These coils would then have a coil element that is at upper end of the air flow shaft forming a 'T' roughly 1.0 to 1.5 mm from the top of the air flow shaft. A wick would be inserted into the hole of the coil element. Air flow, then, would cascade around the coil element as you draw on the drip tip.

With vertical coils, the diameter of the coil element remains empty and inline with the plane of the air flow shaft. Air flow, then, is a straight path with a huge amount of air flowing through the drip tip since there are no obstructions to the flow. Wicking is on the outside of the coil providing a more significant amount of coil directly in touch with the eLiquid. Benefit is dramatic increases in flavor with corresponding increases in throat hit and vapor produced.

That's what happens with the Nautilus Mini. The flavor far surpasses any other clearomizer and just about every rebuildable. Throat hit is exceptional, again superior to any other clearomizer and many rebuildables. Vapor produced is unbelievable.

There is even better news: the new Aspire BVC coil is backward compatible and can be used with the original Aspire Nautilus. Excellent!

The BVC is leaps and bounds better than the BDC coil. Huge difference, yet the price remains the same. NYX E-Cigs offers a 5 pack of coils for the same price the older BDC coils sold at – and the lowest prices in Canada.

Aspire promote this as "wickless", but that is not accurate. There are wicks and as you can see at the left, they are not plainly visible, but are recessed in the eLiquid channel holes. Not necessarily the type of wicks we are used to, but wicks nevertheless. Aspire Nautilus BVC coils are available in 1.6 ohm and 1.8 ohm resistances.

When the Aspire Nautilus first came out, it was the market leader for advancing clearomizer technology. It was the bar to which all other clearomizers was compared. There were a few known issues. The first was a fragile glass tank. If the clearomizer was dropped from even a short distance, the likelihood of the tank shattering was quite high. Replacement tanks were fairly inexpensive, and Aspire quickly addressed the issue by offering replacement Stainless Steel tanks and offering a nicely designed Stainless Steel shroud. The other known issue was the Nautilus BDC coil. As good as it rendered flavor and throat-hit, it was also short life span. Personally, I was never able to get a Nautilus BDC coil to last any more than 4 to 5 days on average before giving that burnt taste that indicates a coil burn out.

The Aspire Nautilus Mini is shown at the right. As you can see, it is less prone to glass breakage with the curved glass upper portion better shielded by the metal screw cap. Note at the bottom of the clearomizer is a floating 510 connector pin ... this is a great feature for those batteries where the battery side of the 510 connection that does not float. This clearomizer will compensate.

The Nautilus Mini is well packaged with the new style of Aspire packaging. It includes everything you see at the right, plus a user manual. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but there are actually two coils. One is already in the clearomizer, the second is a spare. 

My "normal" vape setting on vaporizers is usually at 8.5 watts. With the Nautilus Mini, setting the vaporizer at 7.0 watts is more than acceptable: which means longer life batteries. The rumor mill is rife with comments that the Nautilus Mini can vape up to 20 watts with no burnt taste. So, I decided to try it. I stepped up the wattage on my Hana by 1 watt increments. 8.0 watts, excellent. 9.0 watts, excellent ... ditto for everything up to 19.0 watts. 20 watts, excellent. 21 watts, excellent. 22. watts, excellent. 23.0 watts, burn out. One powerful clearomizer for newbies all the way up to entry level cloud chasers. Can it get any better? 

My thanks to NYX E-Cigs for providing the Aspire Nautilus Mini for testing and review. NYX E-Cigs offer this at the lowest price in Canada ... and also carry the coils, again at the lowest price in Canada. Aspire is quickly becoming the go-to company for outstanding clearomizers with exceptional flavor and throat hit. Combined with the outstanding support and product knowledge of NYX E-Cigs staff, it's a great partnership.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? I've spend most of my vaping time with rebuildables lately. I have growed accustomed to the improvements in flavor with either increased wattage or low resistance coils. The Aspire Nautilus Mini with the BVC coil are a major step forward for the entire vaping industry, and particularly for vapers that want the convenience of pre-built coils. Just screw out the old coil, screw in the new one. No fuss of building your own. The BVC is a coil done right. The Aspire Nautilus Mini is a clearomizer done right. This is a no-brainer: you just can't go wrong buying this. Better yet, get it from NYX E-Cigs and get incredible support.

Update: August 13 2014: I have now been using the Aspire Nautilus Mini for over two weeks. The coil that was in the device when I started this review is still the same coil I am using as of today. Although I have had a few dry hits when I ran out of juice, adding juice did not taste burnt, and the coil performs today as when it was new. This new coil from Aspire definitely is head and shoulders above the original Nautilus coil. 

Update: August 13 2014: Aspire have published audits on the new BVC coils.


  • Posted by TC Dixon on August 16, 2014, 1:51 pm

    I to own the Aspire Nautilus Mini and the only issue I have is refilling I find that it can get really hard getting tank apart to refill,Other than its FANTASTIC

    Andy> Yes, it can be difficult to remove the base. It does get quite tight. And you are absolutely right, it's worth it for this fantastic vape experience.