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Davide Glassomizer

Anyvape make a number of clearomizers (or glassomizers as they prefer to call them) under the model name "Davide". These come in a variety of sizes including mini versions designed for eGo style batteries. The minis are approximately 14 mm. The other sizes are approximately 18.5 mm.

This review is for the 18.5 mm Davide Glassomizer with a Pyrex tank system.

The Anyvape Davide Glassomizer has a glass Pyrex tank with a capacity of 3 ml. The system has a unique locking mechanism that uses no glue and can be easily disabled for parts replacement (should the need arise). The drip tip is a replaceable "510" design. I've heard of others having problems with the standard drip tip. Mine is perfect and sits firmly in the tank. The bottom metal part is in two pieces. The knurled portion is where you screw in the Aspire style Bottom Dual Coil (BDC). You can also use the KangerTech style of bottom coil changeable (BCC) is you prefer.

Having the choice of coils is an important consideration and a very flexible option on this clearomizer. I prefer the Aspire style coils, they seem to give a better taste and a better vapor (and throat hit). Others I have discussed this with have a strong preference for the KangerTech coils. With the Anyvape Davide Glassomizer, you are not forced into a one or the other situation. Change coils, change types. It is that easy.

The difference ends up being one of height. Look at the picture on the right. You will notice the 510 style threads at the bottom of the clearomizer. Above that is the knurled metal portion. That is the bottom coil retainer. On that retainer, you can use either the Kanger coil, or the Aspire coil, your choice entirely. Above the Knurled metal portion is the "adapter" spacer. It is also shown individually at the left. If you use the Aspire coil, you add that above the knurled coil retainer, along with a plastic seal. Note, I do not have a picture of the plastic seal, it is on the inside at the bottom of the tank portion. The plastic seal can be inserted (or removed) easily. The plastic seal is what the Aspire coil "seals" to and is a necessary part of the system when using the Aspire coil. You do not use this plastic seal when your choice of coils is the Kanger unit.

Regardless of which coil type you choose, the Anyvape Davide is a fully sealed unit and an excellent design. I have not tried it with a Kanger coil, but it should be completely leak proof. I do have an Anyvape Davide Mini that uses the same construction and I assure you the Kanger coil does not leak on the Davide Mini and will not leak on the larger Davide.

The Anyvape Davide box includes:

  • The Anyvape Davide Glassomizer fully assembled and ready to use (mine was already set up for using the Aspire coil)
  • Two coils ... the one I have included two Aspire coils: one at 2.1 ohms and one at 1.8 ohms
  • Four silicone seals for the tank
  • A beauty ring for using the 18.5 mm Anyvape Davide on an eGo style battery

The Anyvape Davide is well built. I am impressed with Anyvape's design that uses no glues whatsoever in the construction of this unit. Anyvape calls this a "unique innovative Tube Locking System" ... the way it works is that the center air flow tube has threads at the top and bottom. When the top and bottom are screwed to the air flow tube, you essentially have a leak-proof locking system that is far superior than either a spring loaded system or glued-together system. I also like the "bridge" style used on the bottom. It does add a slight inconvenience to filling the tank, but I would rather trade this inconvenience for the firm way it handles either type of coil that prevents leaking. There is another aspect that can be easily missed when looking at this bridge: have you ever removed the bottom from one of your tanks and realized (too late of course) that you unscrewed the wrong part and all your liquid is in your lap? With this bridge system, that doesn't happen.

I also found all the threaded components to be buttery smooth. Everything fits together nicely and screws onto its mating part perfectly. Even the 510 thread at the bottom is super smooth.

This portion of the review will focus on performance. I need to point out, however, that performance will vary depending on the coil you are using. My review is based solely on the Aspire coil design.

Above I mentioned a slight inconvenience with the bridge design. The bridge connects to nearly all parts of the bottom metal of the tank. It leaves two gaps that are used for filling the tank. To fill the tank, you tilt the Davide slightly and aim your eLiquid bottle to the gap (or hole). I have seen others fill their Davide using a needle bottle. I used a regular eLiquid bottle with the larger dispenser and had absolutely no problem just by tilting the Davide slightly and tilting the bottle slightly so that the bottle tip center would be aimed more towards the hole. No problem, no spills, and more importantly - no wiping when done.

The tank is rated at a 3 ml capacity. I got slightly more than that in my tank. When I fill any tank, I "prime" it before using. Most will let the tank sit for five minutes to let the liquid absorp into the coil wicks. I prefer to "prime", that is when the coil is out of the tank I add a drop on each wick (on in the case of the Aspire, to the hole at each side where the wick is) and then I inhale/exhale several times through the drip tip before putting it on a battery. When I do this, I can see air bubbles leaving the coil. When there are no more bubbles, it is time to use the clearomizer. If the coil is brand new, I will put it on the battery and repeat the priming with a quick press of the battery button. I repeat this until I can see vapor and then use the clearomizer normally.

The Anyvape Davide BDC produces tons of vapor, taste, and complete satisfaction.

The Anyvape Davide is also a great value. I've seen them from as low as $12.99.