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Eleaf GS16 from Canvape

The Eleaf GS16 series of clearomizers are made of stainless steel and feature glass tanks.

For this test and review, we chose the eGo threaded version ... and as you can see at the right, it is also the tallest of them all. The 510 threaded version has the same generous capacity (2.6 ml) – the difference in height is strictly due to the base.

We planned on using this with the new Heatvape Defender where the total length of the battery and clearomizer combined would be less than the 510 threaded version. It's a nice combination.

We also removed the very tall drip tip and used a "shorty" ... the visible portion of the tank and drip tip on the Heatvape Defender ended up being 57.7 mm ... shorter than most clearomizers with a 510 drip tip (that's because the Heatvape Defender has a reversible 510/eGo connector – and the eGo is recessed).

The Bottom Dual Coils (BDC) coils for the Eleaf GS16 are in a style that looks like the Kanger. The Eleaf coils are available in 1.8 and 1.6 ohm. The one that came with our unit is 1.8 ohms (and reported as 1.9 on the Heatvape Defender).

The GS 16 has fixed air flow through the connector. It is a good draw, though, not too tight. The coil provides very good flavor rendition and throat hit. I used it with a 3 mg vapor liquid at 8.5 watts on the Defender and found it quite a satisfying vape.

I like the design of this tank. Filling the tank exposes a fixed bridge that retains the air flow chimney in perfect position. The holes along the side of the bridge are nice and large. The vapor liquid that I use has the thin filler tip, and that fits into the filler hole perfectly. I suspect you could use the larger filler tip too, the filler hole size is quite generous. You can see the bridge and filler holes in the image at the right.

I must point out that the overall height of this clearomizer is extreme. Contributing to the height is a drip thip that by itself is 23.1 mm. If you are going to get one of these GS 16 tanks, buy a shorty drip tip to go with it – you won't regret paying a few extra dollars to shorten the overall height of your vape.

The GS 16 is really designed for the Eleaf iTwist that is also 16.5 mm in diameter. However, using it with the iStick (with eGo adapter) or any other mini box mod is also an excellent idea. Eleaf also make a GS 14 ... the difference is that the GS 14 is designed for eGo/EVOD 14 mm batteries and have a capacity of 1.8 ml. And Eleaf also make a GS AIR with a 510 connector and air flow adjustable. The GS Air uses lower resistance coils (1.5 ohm) and is designed specifically for use with the iStick.

Regardless of which model you choose, the GS line of atomizers all feature glass tanks and stainless steel constructions. That's about the safest designs for vaping.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Absolutely. This is a great vape with excellent flavor production, cloud generation and throat hit. The BDC coil is excellent. There are very few glass clearomizers available for eGo and EVOD size batteries – or mini box mods for that matter. Eleaf with their GS line of clearomizers expand availability to provide a safe vape for us.