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Eleaf Melo from The Canvape Store

While there are some obvious differences, the Eleaf Melo is a copy or clone of the Aspire Atlantis. The differences between the two are in favor of the Eleaf Melo.

If you look at the top of the unit where the drip tip inserts into the top, you should notice that the raised platform found on the Aspire Atlantis is completely flat on the Eleaf Melo ... and, thanks Eleaf for doing this. Now we can use ANY 510 compatible drip tip. The finish of the unit is different than the Atlantis. There is no embedded logo in the top and it has a nice machined finish. The air flow ring is not knurled, but it is easy to turn and holds firmly in place. The air flow itself it based on a total of 5 holes, three on one side and two on the other providing a full range from fully closed to slightly more air flow inlets than the unit it copies. The base also has seals that are different, but fully compatible.

I had a spare 5 ml glass tank from the Aspire Atlantis that I was able to use with the base. The coils are fully interchangeable with the same threading top and bottom, height and diameter. 

The big news isn't that this is a copy or a clone – it's all about the coils. The Eleaf Melo coils are 0.5 ohm (sub-ohm) coils and the wicking material is organic cotton. Those that have been waiting for Aspire to replace the "ceramic" wicking material in their coils with organic cotton can use these coils instead ... better yet, get the full Eleaf Melo and show Eleaf a big thanks for looking after us with healthy alternatives.

The Eleaf Melo has a capacity of 3.5 ml ... that's almost twice as much as the Aspire Atlantis, but as I've already pointed out, you can also use the Aspire Atlantis 5 ml tank to expand capacity of the Eleaf Melo – if you do, though, keep in mind that you'll end up with the raised ridge for the drip tip instead of the flat top of the Eleaf Melo (which I think is an advantage for the Eleaf Melo). I do hope Eleaf plan on releasing higher capacity glass replacements tanks.

In practical use, this is an amazing tank. I recall testing the very first sub-ohm tank available: the Aspire Atlantis and feeling like a kit in a candy store tasting that wonderful flavor and generating those huge clouds. There have been a few other tanks that generate the same kind of feeling ... but the Eleaf Melo brings that that initial joy that I had with the Aspire Atlantis. First there is the coil with organic cotton wicking. Priming this is so simple compared to the Atlantis coils ... I have yet to fire up a new Atlantic coil and not get some dry hit, even lightly, in those first 6 to 8 draws. With the Eleaf Melo, all I had to do was add 5 to 6 small drops of liquid to the top of the coil, a tiny bit on each liquid flow hole and fill the tank. Then draw two or three times without firing and priming is done – from the very first fire on the new coil it's a superb vape, with absolutely no dry hit tastes at all - none. The Aspire Atlantis can't claim that, and I suspect the wicking efficiency of their ceramic material is nowhere near as good as the organic cotton. I'm glad the Eleaf Melo coils also work on the Atlantis ..

It is nearly impossible to tell whether the air flow of the Eleaf Melo is any better than the Aspire Atlantis ... they are so close that I can't really make out any difference. Same with cloud generation, roughly equipvalent with perhaps a slight edge to the Eleaf Melo.

My only issue with the Eleaf Melo (and it is also an issue with the Aspire Atlantis) is that these coils are only available in 0.5 ohm resistance. I know many vapers, including myself, would also like to use this tank with a variety of resistance coils and I'd suggest these manufacturers look at adding 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm coils as a basic minimum.

The final comparison between the Eleaf Melo and the Aspire Atlantis gives a huge competitive advantage to the Eleaf Melo: price. The Eleaf Melo is almost half the price and that is tremendous value. It's the same with the coils, the Eleaf Melo coils are close to half the price – and by my reckoning, a healthier and safer alternative (there are no known problems with the ceramic materials in the Atlantis, but I prefer the organic cotton).

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? I pointed out above that nearly all the parts of the Eleaf Melo are interchangeable with the Aspire Atlantis. That means extending the capacity and functionality also expands with all the different options available for both lines. The capacity of the base version of the Melo is 3.5 ml ... that's 1.5 ml more than the base Atlantis. My use meant a refill once a day and acceptable. The lower capacity of the Atlantis was not acceptable and I ended up having to buy the 5 ml optional tank when it became available. I could easily live with the 3.5 ml capacity of the Eleaf Melo. I also very much like the flat top of the Eleaf Melo. I can use any drip tip I want. With the Aspire Atlantis, users wanting to change drip tips are limited by the diameter of the raised edge on the Atlantis top (or have a weird looking arrangement on the tip of the drip tip is bigger or smaller diameter than the raised edge). All around, the Eleaf Melo is a better alternative ... and an outstanding value. I highly recommend it. One quick note: do not confuse the Eleaf Melo RTA with the Eleaf Lemo RBA. They are two entirely different tank systems.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 20, 2015, 12:50 pm

    Yes..I have one of these, (by now you are beginning to wonder what don't I have lol) Any how, I like the Melo sub ohm tank very much. Almost as quick as I bought my Melo tank an hour maybe an hour nd a half later I had bought the Atlantis 5 ml tank for it. All my other RTA/RBTA type tanks are at the very least 4.5 ml and to go to 3.5 ml was almost like ggoing to my Aerotank Mega or my Genitank Mega. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but at least when I'm using a sub ohm tank I can go through a LOT of juice in a short amount of time. You werer saying that the Atlantis coils and the Melo coils are interchangeable, this is a fact. However, you may or may not know is that the Atlantis v2 coils are also compatible as well. That means we can go from 0.3 to 1.0 ohms with a 0.5 ohm in the middle. A word of warning/advice, the .3 ohm coils fit and work, however due to the amount of air needed to keep the .3 ohm coils from burning up/out you may need to back down on the voltage/wattage some. These coils will also fit in the Freemax STARRE sub ohm tank as well, lots of options for those of us who like to vape sub ohm style.

    After about a month using the 5ml Atlantis tank I went on line and found a 7 ml after market tank that fits the Atlantis/STARRE/Melo tanks. I just the other day went online and ordered 2 Atlantis base units and another 5 ml tank. That way when my order arrives, I can put my Melo back to factory standard with the 3.5 ml tank, and have a 5 ml and a 7 ml Atlantis sub ohm tanks. With my STARRE tank this should give me plenty of options as I recently received from a friend 2/120 ml bottles of max VG juice 2 different flavors, along with all my other flavors I'm gonna be a sub ohm vaping maniac!