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Freemax Scion BQC

Quad coil in a mid-size tank?

Quad coil in any tank?

Yup, it's here. And from Freemax Electronic Cigarettes.

If you have read my previous reviews on  Freemax tanks, you'll know I admire this company for their engineering capabilities: this is a group of designers and engineers with previous experience with other major tank manufacturers. They are now applying their skills and knowledge to their own designs and besting anything that we have come to know as the best of the best. That's a lot to say: their tanks render flavor that is exceptional and only now getting some competition.

The Freemax Tetra review, clearly shows the Tetra as a must have tank for the larger 26650 mechanical mods and advanced personal vaporizers. It's a fixture now on my Cloupor T6 – and should be a fixture on yours too.

But Freemax didn't rest there. They created a BQC (Bottom Quad Coil) for the 18650 mechanical mods and advanced personal vaporizers – and even include an adapter to use with the eGo and EVOD size batteries. Thoughtful, yes – practical, absolutely – and a vape that is outstanding on any size system.

The Freemax Scion is designed around the new Freemax Bottom Quad Coil. Quad ... as in four coils tucked into this small package that delivers the most outstanding flavor. These are four horizontal based coils. Spec'd at 0.6 ohms ... sub-ohming for the masses in a convenience form factor. Pre-made coils you just screw into the base and vape.

And what a base. If you look at the picture at the top right, the air flow in the Freemax Scion is outstanding. It has a familiar look to the Aerotank air flow design. The Freemax Scion features five smaller holes (each about 1.4 mm) exposed to a rotating air flow ring with a wide slot. You can expose or cover any part of the holes and be guided by five "pips" in the base body to make it readily visible.

And, that's not all. There are TWO sets of these extreme air flow holes. One on each side of the tank, meaning an incredible wide open air flow on inhale. It's not quite as wide open as a dripper, but very satisfying.

The coil is designed mainly for 70/30 PG/VG ratio eLiquid. At that flow rate, the coil is perfect. I vaped it at 14 watts with no problems at all and was astounded at the vapor clouds this puts out. And the flavor is exceptional with a thoroughly satisfying throat hit. This brought out even more flavor from my favorite eLiquid than I ever expected. Just like putting a tiny drop of eLiquid directly on your tongue.

The Freemax Scion is available in a brushed stainless steel finish with glass tank and silicone seals. The drip tip is the only part that has dual rubber seals, but those don't come into contact with any eLiquid. The drip tip is a complimentary look and wide bore that helps with very good air flow. The drip tip is identical to the one found on the Freemax Tetra.

Filling the tank is quite easy and simple. Remove the base and you expose a bridge that fixes the air chimney in place firmly with the outer tank. There is no possibility of mis-alignment or movement. The bridge has generous size slots to tilt your eLiquid bottle and fill with no fuss, no leaking – and no gurgling from getting liquid into the air flow chimney. With a 3.0 ml capacity, you'll enjoy vaping a lot longer between fill ups.

Please note that if you use eLiquid ratios that are heavier on the VG side, the coil has limitations in liquid flow. It's really designed around 70/30 PG/VG ratios ... anything less than 70% PG is too viscous to flow properly to the coils. If you want to use the Freemax Scion with thicker liquids, you will have to dilute the liquid for satisfying vape. I'm really hoping that Freemax adds a few additional liquid flow holes the coil ... there's so much coil wire in these BQC coils (and air flow) that they need to improve the flow of liquid to really capitalize on this.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Oh yes, no doubt about it. Freemax is the company to watch for outstanding designs that consider flavor as one of its primary objectives. Even the Freemax BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) is just now getting competition in the flavor area. The Freemax Scion presents great flexibility with backwards compatibility with the Freemax BDC coil system. The only unfortunate aspect – and quite frankly, I can't figure this out – is that the Freemax products are not available in Canada. To our US, UK, Greece, France, (and other areas of the world) ... run out and grab one of these. It's outstanding and a great value. To Canadians: time to ask your vendor why they aren't carrying the Freemax tanks yet. This is something you want in your vape kit. If you can't find it in Canada, check out or