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Freemax Silus Dual Ceramic Coil

Freemax is a manufacturer based in China that is relatively new in the vaping world. They have great staff, many with solid credentials from other well known manufacturers. We have previously reviewed other Freemax products and are suitably impressed with the engineering, the quality of build and quality of use.

The Freemax Silus DCC (Dual Ceramic Coil) is the first ceramic coil that is available in the market (to my knowledge). It has a familiar look to the other Freemax Silus family of clearomizers ... and extensively uses polished stainless steel and glass. All of the inner seals are all silicone based. Only the drip tip has a rubber O ring. Refreshing to see that vaper's safety is foremost in the design process.

This is a production ready test unit. As shown at the right, it is available in a variety of colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, and Gold. The one at the right is the Blue unit, the one I received for testing is Black.

Every aspect of the Freemax Silus is quality:

  • Stainless steel drip tip
  • Pyrex Glass tank with 3.5 ml capacity
  • Huge dual coil ... one on top of the other
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Buttery Smooth Threads
  • Buttery Smooth Air Flow adjustment
  • Bottom fill

It is well engineered and well constructed. The Freemax Silus is wrapped in thick foam and packaged in a box.

I must mention right at the top of this review: the flavor generated by this clearomizer is absolutely incredible. There's nothing like it from any competitive product. The closest that comes to the flavor the Silus DCC generates is a dripper. You read that right, this rivals rebuildables and drippers for flavor. The vapor generated is also quite good – but nothing to rival drippers. 

The air flow ring on this is quite a bit different than others available, including those from Freemax. It is a color-matched ring that is threaded to glide over four air holes. It is a type of knurling that makes it easy to twist and gives great control over the possible air flow positions.

The drip tip is quite nice. It is stainless steel with large air flow and sits firmly at the top. A rubber seal keeps it there firmly. The air flow hole and control ring oval opening are not that large – it is a "tight" air draw at wide open. I also did have a few dry hits and attribute that to the air flow. I don't usually do this, but the flavor from this clearomizer is so incredibly good that I decided to use some "manual" work to increase the air flow. There are four holes in the base. I used a 5/16 inch drill bit and carefully drilled out the holes. After blowing out and brushing out the metal shards, I completely cleaned the base and dried it out. When I filled the tank with my favorite juice, I was absolutely astounded ... this is one seriously powerful clearomizer. (I do hope that Freemax gets my input and increases the air flow holes in the base – we'll all benefit from the best technology available: ceramic coils from Freemax).

The air flow control ring movement will expose the entire hole of all four, and it can also be completely closed. I tried it at the completely closed setting, there is still a tiny bit of air flow getting through. I am glad to see that it does not close completely. Quite frankly, I can't figure out why anyone would ever want to shut down air flow for any reason.

The Freemax Silus that I received included a 1.64 ohm coil and was ready to use right out of the box. I cleaned it and added my favorite eLiquid. An ohm check showed it as 1.7 ohms ... I had to check on a second device and it is 1.7 ohms. The bottom portion of the Freemax Silus DCC is completely sealed, there is no possibility of eLiquid leaking into the battery from this clearomizer. The coil is unique, it is not compatible with any other known device. This is a DCC (Dual Ceramic Coil).

Spare coils are packaged in blister packs. They are available as single units or in packages of five. This is a bridge design, by the way, that is the air flow "chimney" is fixed and held in place by a bridge spanning from each side. The filler holes are generously large and quite easy to fill with any size bottle tip by simply tilting it sideways. The chimeny does stick above the bridge, so you can use that as a visual guage for top it up all the way.

The Freemax Silus DCC is still available yet and pricing is unknown. The final production product will include the Freemax Silus DCC clearomizer, a spare coil, and one cone/adapter. I expect it will be about half the price of competitive products. I've tested quite a few cartomizers, clearomizers, rebuildables and drippers – this Freemax Silus DCC is in the highest quality range for flavor, build and ease of use. With a minor tweak, it will also be outstanding air flow.

The Aerotank and Nautilus used to "rule the roost" so to speak ... they are now surpassed by the Freemax Silus DCC. Not once did I experience any leaking, gurgling or anything negative in using this. I was also quite pleased to see that the entire clearomizer comes apart for super cleaning. The top is threaded with a silicone O ring for protection (as is the bottom and all other internal seals).

So what's the verdict? Is this worth it? I heartily recommend this clearomizer. It is incredible and absolutely at the top of its class – without any doubts whatsoever. I surely hope that the Freemax line becomes widely available. You have to get one of these, even if you prefer drippers. This is a clearomizer you can use anywhere you go and experience the "real" flavor of your juice.

Update: I have been using the Freemax Silus DCC almost exclusively since I received for testing several weeks ago. This is one incredible clearomizer. The Dual Ceramic Coil is still going strong, even after 10 different juice changes. All i do is put everything (except the coil) in hot water and dry everything off well. The coil itself, I hold with one finger blocking the top, one finger blocking the botton and run it quickly under hot water and wipe off dry immediately. It takes about three to four draws of the new eLiquid to completely eliminate the previous flavor. This ceramic coil is unbelievable ... even after two full weeks of use it still renders flavor that is unmatched by any other clearomizer.