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Freemax Starre

The Freemax Starre is another brand new leading edge design featuring a Dual Vertical Coil with air flow that is industry leading – as is the flavor production and cloud production.

This is sub-ohm at a remarkable convenience level – it's sub-ohm for all of us, not just those that rebuild.

The Starre is made entirely of stainless steel and glass. The drip tip is huge – it's a wide bore that works with the high-volume air flow. The drip tip also has dual silicone seals that keep it firmly in place with no wobbling.

You can see all the parts from the Freemax Starre on the left. It is all well machines, all the threads and nice and buttery smooth.

Have a look at that drip tip. It's really quite large – compare it to the coil to get a sense of how HUMONGOUS that coils is. The coil houses a Dual Vertical Coil wire with cotton wicking. You can also see the wicking holes in the side of the coil – there are four of those. Liquid flow is incredible and so is the air flow. The base at the right of the parts picture shows that – and that is just one side. There are two of those air flow channels, one on each opposing side. The air flow control ring has six detente positions – although you can set it anywhere you want. The last part, the glass tank, is the second from the left – note that the air flow chimney is "bridged" with some very large holes to allow for fast and simple liquid filling.

The design is really good and well thought out. Even the air flow control ring has a nice touch to it – it's not knurled in the regular sense, it is actually an improved easy grasp ring that turns nicely, yet has a nice smooth action to it. And a quick note about the stainless steel area at the bottom of the glass tank: it is not visible, but there is a nice laser etched logo and tank name that is fairly unobstrusive – it sort of looks like a gold imprinting against brushed stainless steel.

I have previously tested and reviewed other Freemax tanks based on their Bottom Quad Coil (BQC). The flavor is incredible with the BQC. This new Dual Vertical Coil is closer in design to the Aspire Atlantis ... but has dual wire. That helps improve the flavor beyond the Atlantis, but is at a part with the existing Freemax BQC.

The Freemax Starre has a capacity of 5.0 ml and complements the other Freemax tank offerings – all of them leaders and superior to tanks offered by KangerTech and Aspire. Freemax Tech Co. Ltd. is getting known and their products are now available worldwide. I am personally glad to see this and thrilled to get emails and messages about the quality of flavor I have been reporting on these tanks.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Anytime Freemax has a new product, I look forward to receiving a sample unit for testing and review. From the initial product I tested and reviewed I knew this company was soon to be leading the industry. The quality of product engineer and design is equalled by the build quality – and their marketing team is listening to user input – and feeding the Freemax "engine" to continue the development cycle that provide us with the products we want at reasonable prices. I'm thoroughly impressed with the company and this Freemax Starre continues the fine tradition of quality products. So, yes, I heartily recommending the Starre. It will be, without doubt, one of the cornerstones of your vape gear.

I have had the pleasure to help Freemax in naming this product and in assisting with the editing of the user instructions.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 20, 2015, 1:17 pm

    I gotta agree with you when you say it out preforms the Kanger sub tank, I had the sub tank mini, i am a big Kanger fan, have a lot of their tanks and have a Box 40 40 watt box mod. Maybe I got a bad one, but I used a variety of oils from the .5 the 1.2 ohm and some I built using the RBA deck that came with it. When I bought this STARRE I knew, knew that between this and my Atlantis/Melo bastardized sub ohm tank that I did not need to look any further for a great sub ohm tank. In another week I will have all the parts I need to make a 5 ml and 7 ml Atlantis tanks plus the default 3.5 ml Melo tank and my STARRE tank . The STARRE in my opinion is as close to dripping as you can get without the muss and fuss of building a coil, getting it in, wicking, then drip, drip, and drip some more. The STARRE has all of that and more.

  • Posted by Riley Karp on February 10, 2015, 10:41 pm

    What are the measurements of the air slots when they are wide open? Also, how much more vapor does this tank produce when compared to the Atlantis?

    ANDY> Wide open, the slots are each 13.4mm x 3.8mm (0.52 in. x 0.15 in.) ... I am using an electronic caliper to measure this, and keep in mind that the clearomizer is circular (the measurements may be off by a bit, likely less than 1 mm either way). And there are two air flow slots.

    I was at a B&M today with the tank and we pushed the limits as far as the battery could go. The shop had just received their inventory of iStick 50 watts and we put the Freemax Starre on it ... from 10 watts all the way to 50 watts. Everyone agreed, cloud production was better than the Atlantis. And that was with the air flow at about 20% capacity. When the air flow was opened all the way, there just was nothing touching the Starre for flavor or cloud production in a convenience style tank.