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Heatvape Ecotank

Heatvape is making noise lately. First was a resouding bang with the Heatvape Defender. An incredibly well designed advanced personal vaporizer in a mini box form factor. The innovative connector at the top supports both 510 and eGo threaded clearomizers just by flipping it over. Supporting up to 25 watts, it suits the vast majority of vapers with power to spare.

With the Ecotank, Heatvape is making noise again. The big bang this time, with an evolutionary step. The Heatvape Ecotank is a sub-ohm clearomizer. It's entirely stainless steel construction with glass tank.

The Heatvape Ecotank is nicely boxed and pre-assembled with an extra coil. The instructions are printed on the packaging.

The coil is a slick design that includes an adjustable ring to control the amount of liquid flowing to the coil. This coil has four huge wicking holes built into the body of the coil. By the way, wicking is with organic cotton. The advantage of being able to control the amount of lliquid flowing to the coil means that you can use virtually any vapor liquid at any viscosity. It your vapor liquid is higher on PC, you can close off a portion of the flow holes, and heavy on VG you make the air flow holes as wide open as possible. Well engineered to take advantage of almost any flow rate of vapor liquid without getting flooding or dry hits.

Filling the tank is really simple, you invert the tank, remove the base and just fill to the top of the inner stainless steel chimney edge. Any size bottle tip will work. Like all other sub-ohm coils, you have to prime a new coil. What I do is look through the top where you can see the coil and wicking material. I then drip in around 0.3 ml of liquid slowly onto the wicking material. When the liquid I drip in shows through the round liquid flow holes, I stop adding the liquid at the top. I then put a drop onto each of the side flow holes and reassemble the tank. And one final step: do three or four primer puffs without pressing the firing button and that should do it.

As you can see at the left, the organic cotton material is covered by a metallic screen mesh. That's where you want to drip the vapor liquid drops until the vapor liquid shows through the four wicking holes. Note the arrow pointing to the Black O Ring seal at the bottom of the coil – the package that I received had the O Ring mis-positioned. I ended up with some liquid leaks because of that. When I figured out the seal was in the wrong place and reset it where it should be, this tank was absolutely perfect. No leaks, no gurgling.

This is one incredible tank system. The flavor rendition is superb. The throat hit and cloud generation is absolutely awesome.

Heatvape rate this coil as supporting up to 35 watts of power. I found the "sweet spot" at a 15.0 ohms.

The drip tip is really quite nice and wide bore. The only aspect of the Heatvape Ecotank that I don't particularly like is the air flow and air flow control ring. The air flow is acceptable – just acceptable. It is not spectacular and is just enough to satisfy on a lung inhale. The air flow control ring is a bit on the loose side and turns far too easily. Any touch anywhere near the control ring seems to move it out of your preferred positioning. On the knurled ring, there are a total of four holes that are visible – two on each opposing side. Under the air flow ring, there are five air flow holes in the base. The base holes and air flow ring holes are offset meaning that you can expose one hole, two holes, three holes or four holes simultaneously. These are fixed in size and will suit the vast majority of users from tight draws to lung draws.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Heatvape have a good tank here. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the retail pricing will be or what the coils will cost. I expect, though, that the pricing will be generously less than competing product. I only found two nitty little issues, neither of which detract from the quality of this product and the enhanced vape experience from using it. Any coils that you use, including the one pre-assembled when you buy the product, should be closely inspected to make sure the O ring is properly seated. Refer to the picture above and you'll get a satisfying vape with rich flavor. Definitely worth it.