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Horizon Arctic from The Canvape Store

The Horizon Arctic tank has already garnered some keen interest in the market place. It's only been available a few weeks, but already vaper's are looking to this instead of the capable Aspire Atlantis.

First, let me be clear: this is not a clone of the Aspire Atlantis. It may have similar features, but it is designed around compatibility with the Aspire Atlantis coil only.

Horizon have done a really good job with this. The fit and finish is very well done. It's a solid tank and features stainless steel, heat resistant glass, silicone seals, a wide bore drip tip, and extreme air flow. The air flow is huge. As a matter of fact, the air flow is more generous than some dripper atomizers. There are four really large air flow holes. The outer air flow control ring can be complete shut off or it can expose any portion of those air flow holes all the way to wide open (as you see it in the picture at the top right). All of the threads are really smooth. 

The cosmetic changes are welcome. I like the top of the Horizon Arctic tank ... I really wasn't fond of that embossed Atlantis logo into the top of that tank. I also much prefer the flush top of the Arctic tank. With a flush top, you can use ANY drip tip you want. With the Atlantis you have to come close to the diameter of that portion that sticks out of the top. You'll also notice some major differences in how you fill the Horizon Arctic. And, it's a personal preference which you will like better. Personally, I like the Horizon Arctic tank style. I found the Atlantis air flow chimney with cut outs to be finicky to fill. It's hard not to get liquid into those cut outs. I did find that by putting a slim tip liquid along the glass and longest edge of one of those cut outs there was a lot less likelihood of getting juice into the center area and ending up with gurgling (hate to admit it, but it happened more often than I care to admit to). With the Horizon Arctic, you get a bridge style of air flow chimney with small "arcs" along two of the sides. I find that the slim tip liquid bottles fit there reasonably well and I rarely ever end up with any juice in the center air chimney hole. This really isn't about filling liquid though. This tank is superior to the Atlantis in many ways.

I have to applaud Horizon for launching this with Organic Cotton and two resistance levels. You can buy this with two 0.2 ohm coils or two 0.5 ohm coils. Horizon has also announced 1.2 ohm coils for those that prefer not to go down the sub-ohm route. The Organic Cotton is really welcome. Aspire have been doing a bit of spin work since some users questionned the nature of their "ceramic" wicking material. In the absence of any firm reports on the safety of ceramic wicking material, I prefer the Organic Cotton variety. It's known. The organic cotton is a bit harder to prime. I find it a bit more time consuming with a few more off tastes with a new coil – but I will persist to get a natural fiber that is known.

I must say that the Horizon coils have massive liquid channels. I've never seen anything this size ... they aren't round, they are rectangular and huge. But, then again, so is the air flow. Massive air flow, massive liquid flow. Get ready to go through some serious volume of vapor liquid.

When I first unboxed the Horizon Arctic tank, I was surprised to see the wide bore drip tip and the flat top. It's a great look, minimalistic, yet the designs in the stainless steel – sort of short dimples – makes this an attractive look. There is nothing in the literature on the box or on the Horizon web site that helps determine what the liquid capacity of this tank really is. It's 3.0 ml give or take a few drops. That is more than the base Atlantis which means less refills with the Arctic. 

For those of you with Aspire Atlantis tanks that have been waiting for Aspire to release organic cotton coils or different choices in resistance – you don't have to wait any more. The Horizon Arctic coils are compatible with the Atlantis. 

I had two issues in setting this up after unboxing. I couldn't separate the coil base from the top part with any amount of strength I applied. I ended up having to take out one of those small jar openers to get them apart. I've now re-filled this tank several times and have not run into any other problems – finger tighten on and off. The other problem was with priming the coil. Priming these sub-ohm coils is always a challenge. There is so much cotton that is not in view, that you have to make sure the cotton is thoroughly saturated in vapor liquid before you try to fire the coil. That usually means putting about 0.3 ml of liquid on the cotton and priming puffs. What I do is put drops of vapor liquid on the top of the coil. I keep adding drops of liquid until I see the liquid flow through the liquid flow holes (and by flow, I mean I see the moisture from the liquid). I then add a drop to each of the air flow holes and put the base on the tank. I then prime a few puffs and choose a low wattage. Once the flavor is what I expect (from previously vaping it), I kick up the wattage to my desired setting. With the Horizon Arctic tank this process is more involved. There seems to be a lot more cotton and it "seems" to be packed a bit more densely. The off-taste from a new coil lasted a bit longer than with other sub-ohm coils/tanks.

Once you have it primed, the Horizon Arctic is a flavor and cloud BEAST! It's every bit a flavor machine ... and it generates some awesome clouds. While taste is subjective, I certainly think it has an edge over the Atlantis on flavor and cloud generation.

Keep track of this manufacturer: Horizon. You'll hear a lot more from them. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The Horizon Arctic tank is a bargain compared to the Atlantis. With available Organic Cotton coils, this is definitely the tank to choose – and certainly these are the coils you have to get to get more life out of your Aspire Atlantis tank. If you want improved air flow though – this is the ONLY choice. This is an incredible tank based system that comes much closer to the benefits of dripping in a more convenience tank based format.