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KangerTech Subtank Mini from NYX E-Cigs

The KangerTech Subtank hit the market with a blast. With 6 ml capacity and a diameter of 23.3 mm, it suited the needs of those with larger mods.

Skip ahead a few months, and KangerTech release a sibling: the KangerTech Subtank Mini. The Subtank Mini is a bit smaller and fits perfectly on 22 mm batteries or larger.

Other than a slightly smaller size, it matches all the features of the larger version. The box includes:

  • Kanger Subtank Mini Clearomizer
  • 1x OCC 0.5 Ω (15-30W)
  • 1x OCC 1.2 Ω (12-25W)
  • 2x RBA Coils (Organic Cotton Made in Japan)
  • 1x Mini RBA Base
  • 1x Glass tube
  • 1x Philips-Head Screwdriver
  • 2x Screws (spares)
  • 3x Seal Ring (spares)

The Subtank Mini has a few slight differences. That includes an enhanced air flow system. There are four positions with the detente air flow ring from completely closed to wide open. The air flow is actually slightly more generous in the Subtank Mini than its larger sibling. Another difference is the tank is slightly shorter than the larger size version ... slightly shorter, slightly smaller diameter – that translates into a slightly smaller capacity as well. The larger version has a 6 ml capacity while the Subtank Mini has a 4.5 ml capacity. For many, that is more than a full day's vape.

The coils for the Subtank Mini are the same and interchangeable with all the Subtank versions.

What hasn't changed is extreme flavor and vapor production. The KangerTech Subtank – all of them – are exceptional. The 0.5 Ω and 1.2 Ω coils feature organic japanese cotton ... definitely a flavor enhancer for your juices. The Subtank also has flexibility. If you still have some of the new KangerTech BDC (Bottom Dual Coils) left over, you can actually use them with the Subtank. I doubt that the flavor production would be the same, but they are usable.

The picture at the left shows the KangerTech Subtank Mini with the pre-build coils.

The picture at the right shows the KangerTech Subtank Mini with the rebuildable base.

This is flexibility at its finest. Choose to use the phenomenal pre-built coils from KangerTech, or make your own. Either way, you win. The rebuildable base that is included with the Subtank Mini has the new PEEK insulator included as well.

I also want to point out that I picked this tank for a specific purpose. I am in process of downgrading to 0 mg nicotine. Of all the clearomizer systems that I can choose form, the KangerTech Subtank series is my choice for this momentous change over. I want to make sure I get maximum flavor, maximum throat hit, and maximum after taste. Especially in the absence of nicotine ... this just makes it easier.

The one difference from the original Subtank is the 510 connector at the bottom. The Subtank Mini 510 connector is not adjustable or spring loaded. It is brass and does protrude slightly. I haven't had any problems connecting to any battery, but I was hoping that the connector would have been the same. Ah well, the other improvements make up for this.

You can click the image at the right (and most images on this page) for larger views.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? There are very few vaping products that are spot-on in every possible aspect. The KangerTech Subtank Mini is one such product that has excellent air flow, excellent capacity, excellent flavor, excellent vapor production, and contributes to an excellent vape. There are no options: everything is included. You get all the spares, a regular base, and a rebuildable base. Top this all off with backwards compatibility with their most recent BDC coils, and it's perfection. I highly recommend the KangerTech Subtank Mini. My thanks to NYX E-Cigs for providing this for review.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 10:58 am

    Had the sub tank mini from Kanger Tech. This is the only product from Kanger that I've used that really didn't do it for me. I would saturation the coil when priming it, even then after a day, 2 at the most I would start getting that burnt tasting on every pull. It got to the point I was changing coils evrey couple expensive habit to say the least. So, I cleaned it up, made sure it was really clean, boxeed it and a brand ne 5 pack of .5 ohm coils and sent it to my buddy in Tennessee who I know had been wanting one. Not that the sub tanks aren't good, maybe I got a bad one, don't know, think I'll stay with my STARRE and the Melo and my Lemo tanks for now any way. Who knows, maybe I'll win one and it will be the next best thing to the STARRE!