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Kanger Aerotank Mega from NYX E-Cigs

The first version of the Kanger Aerotank is an exceptional clearomizer with a capacity of 2.5 ml. The Kanger Aerotank has several features that make it a stand-out product: glass tank, the new Kanger bottom dual coil that delivers exceptional taste, and air flow control so that it appeal to all vapers whether they choose to mouth inhale or lung inhale (and everything in between). NYX E-Cigs sells the Kanger Aerotank for $24.99 making this the most affordable high end clearomizer available.

The nearest competition is another high end clearomizer that also has similar features with a higher capacity and much higher price. 

The lines are shifting with the introduction of the Kanger Aerotank Mega. There are quite a few enhancements and new features:

  • A new design bottom dual coil with backward compatibity
  • A new air flow design that Kanger calls the "version 2"
  • A new high capacity 3.8 ml tank system
  • Both a Pyrex glass tank and Stainless Steel tank that you can choose from as a standard item with each product

Comparing this with the other brand, it's clear that the two companies have different visions for high end clearomizers. The Kanger Aerotank Mega has a slightly smaller capacity – but offers two tanks and a terrific design. The top of the Aerotank Mega is stainless steel. Drop the Aerotank Mega and it is not likely to break. The Aerotank Mega costs a bit more, though, but the value proposition with the second tank makes it a better value.

Included in the attractive box:

  • Aerotank Mega clearomizer (with a really nice drip tip) assembled with a 2.0 ohm coil and with the Pyrex glass tank ... just add juice and you are ready to vape
  • Second 2.0 ohm coil
  • Chrome beauty ring for using the Aerotank Mega on eGo size batteries
  • Second Stainless Steel tank that you can use instead of the Pyrex glass tank
  • Instruction Guide
  • Certificate of Authenticity

The diameter of the Aerotank Mega is 21.9 mm (0.86 in.). Without the drip tip, the height is 43.7 mm (1.72 in.) and with the drip tip the height is 64.5 mm (2.54 in.). I really hope that you can buy the drip tip separately. It is a very nice design in stainless steel to fit any system with a 510 style drip adapter opening (and styled like the Kayfun/Russian atomizer drip tips).

 On to the practical. 

The Aerotank Mega is a bottom load clearomizer. That is, you remove the bottom cap that exposes four holes where you can insert your bottle tip to fill with juice. I really like this design ... the air flow "chimney" sticks out beyond the air holes which means you do not have to use a needle nose bottle to fill. The four holes are also nice and large. As part of this test, I have a new DIY Raspberry VG juice that I started using several days ago. Since I know what this tastes like on several tanks (Nautilus, Kayfun, Aspire BDC, and iJust), I decided to try it on the Aerotank Mega as part of the test and review. I filled the tank about 3/4 full and primed using only two puffs in and out without power. When I pressed the fire button I was taken aback completely. The flavor is exceptional and easily equal to a rebuildable with a coil I built myself. 

As I was writing this review, I decided to take a break for a few hours and just sit back while vaping with this new Aerotank Mega. The last four atomizers I have used have been excellent, but it sure seemed like this Aerotank Mega has an edge overall of them. It is compact, by far the shortest in this class. It renders remarkable air flow performance, quiet, and thorough. It leads the pack in flavor though. Here's the surprise – the throat hit is outstanding. I had to try the same juice on three different devices using three of the top tanks I have. There is no doubt that the Aerotank Mega has special capabilities.

The Verdict: Is It Worth It? From what I understand, the market price is protected by agreements with the distributor. NYX E-Cigs is one of the first vendors to get this tank and is offering it for $39.99 and it is available on their website. I had a tough time with the price of their nearest competitor and decided that at $36.99 I would not buy it (I didn't see the value in the Nautilus at that price). The Aerotank Mega, though, I am buying two. One to use regularly and one as a spare ... I don't want to be without it. Why is the extra price worth it? Well, anything that can deliver flavor and throat hit like this is worth a few extra bucks. Kanger make product that lasts and I plan on having this for quite some time. The longer it lasts, the better the value proposition.

Update: May 21 2014 – I've now been using the Aerotank Mega for slightly more than one week and just can't put it down. Easy to fill, no gurgling, no dry hits, really smooth threads and smooth air flow adjustment, extraordinary flavor rendering, and incredible throat hit ... the throat hit is more than just juice. I put the same juice in several other tanks and keep coming back to the Aerotank Mega. You've got to get one of these!


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 10:47 am

    Agree with you fully, the Aerotank Mega is a hell of a tank, now that it is well over a year later since your review, if you can find a version 3 base...get one. They have only been out 6 months..maybe. I'm not in the review business just the vaping business. Sad I know, but we've all gotta be good at something! Seriously though, if you can get your hands on a version 3 base, I know has them for around $6.80 US.