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iClear 30b from Total Evapes

I have NEVER been disappointed with any Innokin iClear clearomizers. 

Innokin make this available in seven colors: Clear, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and Purple. The one I tested for this review came with the Innokin Cool Fire 1 mod and is Green with a straight tip (it is not the 360 degree rotatable tip).

The design of the iClear 30b breaks new ground. It is not the typical chrome or brushed stainless look, rather it features black rings at the top and bottom. It is a distinctive look.

The iClear 30b has dual bottom coils and renders excellent flavor. The iClear 30b fills from the bottom with a capacity of 3.0 ml. It is really easy and simple to fill even with the big tip bottles eLiquids typically come in.

At the left is the unit I received. You'll note that this is a 510 thread and will work with all devices that have that thread. At its widest, it is approximatley 19.7 mm (0.78 in.). I ended up putting a slightly shorter drip tip on the end.

The coils are a "Kanger" style look with a medium length air flow tube and silicone seal covering draw wicks. It's a dual coil design that can be replaced easily. There is no leaking that I have noticed and, as noted, the flavor of eLiquids this generates is excellent.

The tank itself is a polycarbonate (and can be different colors). Innokin has been promoting their latest tanks as a new compound polycarbonate not prone to chemical reactions with citrus and cinnamon eLiquids. I expect the iClear 30b to be the same new compound.

The unit I tested came with a 1.8 ohm coil and are typically sold in five packs. One coil should last a good two to three weeks (for the equivalent of a one-pack a day former smoker). The entire unit is rebuildable and even if you pick the wrong color tank, you can always swap it out.

Total Evapes has good pricing on this unit: the iClear 30b is offered for $19 and a five-pack of coils is available for $12. If you are fortunate to live in the GTA, you can also arrange for pick up and avoid shipping wait times and costs.

Here's a picture of mine on the Cool Fire 1. A smart buyer would get the iClear 30b with the Cool Fire 1 and save quite a few $$ at the same time.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 20, 2015, 2:02 pm

    I bought one of these a bout 2 months or so ago, just to have in case my Aerotank or one of my old Protank clones crapped out on me. Am I glad I did, as it so happens my one old Protank clone gave up the ghost, it came apart...for the third time, this time there was no fixing it. Kept the base,(ya never know) got out the iClear 30b and filled it with a peanut butter juice that I find quite good. Since I put this tank in service I bought a 5 pack of 1.5 ohm coils for it, which by the way is what I'm using in it now, as the one coil that came with it was a 1.8 ohm coil and lasted right at the 5 week mark. I've had the current 1.5 ohm coil in ever since, which is at least 3 weeks now with no loss of flavor or anything at all. I much prefer this 30b over the iClear 30 tank, never could get used to the top coil and when the juice level got low you would have to tip and tilt the clearo to rewet the wick. The iClear 30b great tank, a little tight on the draw but definitely not a deal breaker in any sense of the word.