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Innokin iClear 30s from NYX E-Cigs

Innokin raises the bar again! I got a call from Tony at NYX E-Cigs letting me know that the latest iClear 30 clearomizer had arrived on their door step. He offered to let me use one. I was there in a flash, anything Innokin make is high on my list of desirables!

My favorite clearomizer in the 14/15mm range is the Innokin iClear 16. The flavor is incredible, it is easy to fill and use, never had a leak, never had to wipe it off before using. The eLiquids I buy are faithfully rendered with the iClear 16. While I do not want this to become an iClear 16 review, I need to point out a few features: it fill from the top – simply remove the drip tip and add your liquid in. The air flow tube has a small cap at the top that helps prevent eLiquid leaking into the tube so it is very easy to use the bottle the eLiquid came in (no need for a needle tip bottle if you do not have one). The coil is at the top as well with four effective wicks drawing the eLiquid from the tank to the coil – and it works perfectly. The top toil adds a warmth to the vape too, you get a nice rich flavor with a slight warmth to help with throat hit.

I honestly didn't think Innokin (or anyone else) could top this with a larger clearomizer. Boy was I wrong.

Innokin has packaged the iClear 30S in a clear acrylic box. The box is unusual, all of the instructions to use the iClear 30S are directly visible on the box without opening the package. Absolutely brillliant! And a superb sales strategy ... you can see how to use this clearomizer without even taking it out of the box. Have a look, I am displaying the box exactly as I got it at the top right! You can see the Clearomizer, that is the bottom of the box. The top of the box shows the model and what you get with it (along with the authentication code). Each side has instructions: one side instruction on how to fill the tank, the other side has instructions on how to change the coil. At the smaller ends, you have the resistance (ohms) and the other end has all of the certifications. Innokin obviously spend just as much time on useability as they do on the engineering, design and construction.

The Innokin iClear 30S that I have features a rotatable drip tip. This is the first time I use one of these, and I find it extremely convenient. One aspect of vaping that is difficult to explain is how you need to maintain your eLiquid flowing to the coils. Sometimes you have to go through girations to make sure you do not end up with dry hits. With this rotatable tip, you can keep the tank fairly vertical and thoroughly soaked with eLiquid all the time. No dry hits.

This is a dual coil design with a special material for the tank that will not crack when used with some juices. The tank capacity is 3 ml. If you look at the left most picture, you will see that the  coil is a unique design. It looks like a "chimney". The holes in the coil are designed to let the eLiquid through at all levels. Inside the metal "chimney" are wicks that draw the eLiquid to the coil. The process is quite effective. While using the iClear 30s, I have not had any dry hits or any off flavors at all. This is right from the very first draw on the drip tip through several tank filled with multiple flavors of eLiquid.

Filling and cleaning the iClear 30S is also a breeze. You fill through the top by unscrewing the portion above the clear tank. I love this feature. You do not even have to remove the clearomizer from the battery: there is no leaking at all. The bottom is well sealed from leaking, no worries there. Similar to the iClear 16, the air flow tube has a small silicone plug at the top of the tube. While you can use a needle bottle to add your eLiquid, it is far more convenient to use a big tip bottle as you get it from your eLiquid supplier. If using the big tip bottle, you do not even have to tip the clearomizer. I know the tank shows a gradiation to 3 ml ... but I easily put 4 ml in the tank with no problems at all. When you screw the top back on, it seals against the air flow tube, it just can't leak. To clean the clearomizer, everything comes apart – top and bottom. Wash it under warm water and wipe. The coil can also be submerged, just make sure you wipe it well: I use a tissue and shake it firmly to get all the major moisture out of it then refill it right away with eLiquid. The coil with my unit is 2.1 ohms and coils are replaceable.

Innokin claim the tank is a "PC fire-proof material" that will not crack with special juices. I expect that means that the tank material is not subject to cracks or other anomalies regardless of the juice used.

The Innokin iClear 30S is 18 mm in diameter and is like a brushed and polished stainless steel look. It sits nicely on eGo style batteries with a beauty ring as well as perfectly on a 21-22 mm brushed stainless mod. Better yet, you have the Innokin quality and certainty that you will enjoy the vaping experience completely.

My thanks to Tony at NYX E-Cigs for providing this clearomizer for me to test and review.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 20, 2015, 2:09 pm

    My apologies, this is the iClear tank that I've had for some time now and not the 30b, don't know what I was thinking. THIS is the tank that I bought and put in use after my old Protank clone died on me. As I previously stated, the 1.8 ohm coil that came with my tank lasted right at 5 weeks, I bought a 5 pack of 1.5 ohm coils, and have a 1.5 ohm coil currently in my iClear 30s, right at 3 weeks, maybe a couple days past 3 weeks. Great little tank, a little tighter on the draw than I would prefer, but it works and I have no real complaints.

    * Moderator; If you can, please delete my review of the iClear 30b tank, I do not own one and any review I do would be totally on guess work not real world application. Thank you M.R.Timblin