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iJoy Acme L

It may be sub-ohm but it's over the top on flavor and cloud generation.

Look closely at the image at the right. Yup, that's top air flow, and yup, it's top filling too. 

This is the second tank this week that I have been sent that features top filling and top air flow. Seems to be a trend, and I love it ... and so will you. Here's why: like you, I am concerned about all the recent feedback on 510 connector threads getting stripped. As the price of these devices is under downward pressure, the manufacturers are taking shortcuts and making the 510 connector parts from less expensive brass and chrome plating. And, brass is being generous. At least one is made of aluminum. The softer metal means a low price for the manufacturer, and a shortened life for you. The softer metal will strip out its threads fairly quickly. The more you thread your clearomzier in and out, the more you wear out the threads and get to that stripped out state where you need to replace the entire device. If you can leave the clearomizer on the battery system and refill from the top, you virtually eliminate the need to remove it from the battery and the wear-out of the threads. 

The tank at the left shows the iJoy Acme L. It's stainless steel and glass with silicone seals. 

What makes this unusual, though, is the air flow and filling are at the top. The bottom is fully sealed – not possible to leak into your battery. Just below the drip tip, you can see a smaller knurled portion. That's how you adjust your air flow. The top has markings "MIN" and "MAX" ... you turn the knurled section in that direction to increase/decrease air flow. At "MAX" setting, the air flow is quite good – even for a lung hit. I want to make it clear that someone used to a dripper and massive air flow may b e disappointed. The air flow on this iJoy Acme L will satisfy the vast majority of us though. It's certainly enough to generate some incredible flavor and clouds – it's among the best of the best.

If you look at the picture above and at the left, note the larger knurled top. That's part of the top cap. You screw this off to access the liquid fill area. When you remove that, what you see is the tank with a view like the one at the right. That's the tank on the far right ... the wde slot at the bottom s the juce fill hole/slot and the hole at the top is for venting. At the left s the cap. You can see the silicone seal. It's quite a nicely sealed cap.

The iJoy coil looks a bit unusual for sub-ohm coils. If you look closely, the liquid flow holes are on the small side. I didn't expect that – particularly with so much flavor and clouds. 

When you think about it, these coils can be almost completely immersed in liquid. There is no vent  hole at the bottom where the liquid can leak out of. At the top of the coil is confirmation of that – that's a ceramic retainer that keeps the liquid from spitting or gurgling up the air flow chimney ... 

It's really a slick and well thought out design. And it works very well.

iJoy makes these coils available in 0.5 and 1.2 ohms. They also have just released an 0.2 ohm coil. The iJoy Acme coils are interchangeable with all the iJoy Acme clearomisers (Acme S, Acme M, Acme L, and Acme Vape). 

Look closely at the right photo. The drip tip you see at the top sits on a small knurled part that is the adjustment for the air flow. 

That drip tip is your only choice for the iJoy Acme L tank. The drip tip is not inserted like a regular drip tip ... the drip tip is threaded and is screwed into the air flow adjustment part.

I did remove the drip tip and inserted a regular one. The one I used is a high quality stainless steel drip tip with dual O rings. The dual O rings are one of the best designs for keeping a drip tip in place and stable with no wobbling. It wouldn't even stay in place on this tank. The only drip tip I could get working properly is the one that came with it. Fortunately you will not need to remove it for any purpose other than cleaning. But be careful with it. Loose it and you will be vaping from that small air flow adjustment part (which is actually quite possible – but you have to be cautious not to block the air flow opening).

In actual use, this tank is really incredible. It's the only sub-ohm tank that primed quickly and vaped perfectly almost from the first draw. I really appreciated that. The other sub-ohm coils take forever to prime and you usually get dry hits and off-tastes until those massive wicks are fully saturated. With the iJoy coil, well, is a joy to use. The efficiency is also quite good. There is no lag when the current hits the coil – it's working immediately.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Sub-ohm tanks are the hottest segment of vaping as I write this in early April 2015. The iJoy Acme L is in this segment and it is well worth buying. While we're discussing this new market segment, sub-ohm tanks can easily be misunderstood. Sub-ohm means below 1.0 ohm. That all. Sub-ohm tanks and coils are NOT aimed at cloud chuckers. It's actually beneficial to all vapers. What happens when you use low resistance coils, is that you are using less current to power that coil, which means extending battery life of your device. There can be a trade off, though. You need to find the "right" resistance that gives you the type of flavor and clouds you want without going too low. There are quite a few vapers that will not go below 1.0 ohms, preferring to be in the 1.2 ohm range. That's my preference too, although I do use 0.5 coils as well. Any lower than that, and I find the "popping" of juice as it boils quickly to be a concern – then again, keep in mind that using 0.2 ohm coils can give you exactly the same vape as 0.5 and 1.2, you  just need to fire and draw for a shorter time. This iJoy Acme L tank is certainly well worth having in your vape kit.