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iJoy Acme Vape

The iJoy Acme Vape tank, shown with the box as I received it, is a totally new design that is patent pending.

It has a capacity of 3.5 ml with an unusual feature: air flow is at the top of the tank and the bottom is fully sealed, eliminating all possible leaking at the bottom.

The iJoy Acme Vape tank is all stainless steel with glass tank portion and silicone seals. 

Filling the tank is the traditional way: through the bottom. This is a sub-ohm tank. You can see the coil in the box at the right: I expected it to be much larger than that. The liquid flow holes are not as large as I expected, either.

Focus on the first part of this review: top filling. This means that there is no air channel at the bottom. The coils can pretty much be saturated with liquid and no leaking out the bottom. The air flow is quite innovative. The air flow chimney is actually two chambers. One flows air through the generously sized air flow slots at the top down to the coil. The second chamber flows air back from the coil and up through the drip tip ... that's what you inhale: the vapors heated by the coil. That means that there is no possibility of the liquid flowing back out through bottom air flow slots or holes ... no leaking possible. It also means that the size of the liquid holes and liquid flow are not as important as on a vacuum based system. As long as the liquid gets to the coil, it doesn't matter if it too much liquid or just enough. The only "real" concern is liquid "popping" or flowing back up through the air chimney. 

iJoy have handled this possibility with an innovative ceramic topper that prevents liquid from coming back up through the top of the coil. 

This is a small coil, with with power that exceeds most of the other humongous sub-ohm coils from competitors. 

The iJoy Acme coils are available in 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm versions. iJoy also sent their brand new 0.2 ohm coil – that's what I used for the testing and review of the Acme Vape tank. (Also tested the 0.5 ohm in the Acme L tank).

The flavor is exceptional and the vapor is exceptional. This certainly takes no back seat to any other tank. 

There is a distinct advantage to lower resistance coils. The lower the resistance, the longer your batteries last. To generate the same flavor and clouds with lower resistance means less current for shorter time. The risk, of course, is not adjusting your firing habits and ending up "burning" the liquid. When you choose low resistance coils like this, you will end up with batteries that last longer – but you really need to be cautious in using an advanced personal vaporizer. 

I thoroughly enjoyed using the iJoy Acme Vape tank. The capacity, at 3.5 ml, is generous and will last most vapers for a full day, and then some. Beware, though ... you might end up using a bit more vapor liquid. The increase in flavor from your juices is really welcome. So much so that you might just end up vaping a bit more to get that flavor blast. 

It's not just the engineering that makes this iJoy Acme Vape tank an excellent buy, it's also the quality build. Every thread on this tank is incredibly smooth. The finish is very well done, with a brushed stainless look that complements any battery system. As you consider getting one of these, the only contentious issue is that the drip tip is also threaded and screws into the top cap of the iJoy Acme Vape tank. I tried using a very high quality wide bore stainless steel drip tip with dual O rings. It wouldn't even stay in place, any movement and the drip tip slipped right out. The only drip tip you can use on this tank is the drip tip that comes with the iJoy Acme Vape tank. So protect it, and don't lose it. Despite this concern, though, this is a value buy. It certainly competes well with the Atlantis and Subtank (and a few others too) – it's clearly a challenge for the top spot as the best tank available.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Oh, without any doubts whatsoever. As much as I would like to replace the drip tip, that isn't a show stopper. The drip tip included with the iJoy Acme Vape tank is wide bore with very good air flow. It certainly adds to the overall look and provides a good vaping experience. Actually, it enhances the overall experience of the Acme Vape tank. These should be available by the time you read this review. The only part that may not be widely available yet is the new 0.2 ohm coil, but trust me, that's coming soon!