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Joyetech Delta II from Canvape

At the right is the new Joyetech Delta II tank system.

I approached the testing and review of the Delta II more critically than most devices ... previous tests and reviews of Joyetech tank systems have been less than stellar.

The Joyetech Delta II is designed to compete with other sub-ohm capable tank systems like the Aspire Atlantis and KangerTech Subtank. As shipped, the Delta II includes two 0.5 ohm coils, one is installed. The rebuildable head is optional.

When I received this, it was totally unexpected ... I understood that Canvape was out of stock. They had just received a shipment and I ended up opening this on the spot and filling it with Paradise Vapes vapor liquid. I did end up with a "funky" taste that should not be there ... funky in that it was a bit metallic and something else I could not identify.

This is going to be a bit difficult to see, so I will explain what you are looking at (at the right). This is the spare coil that is in the box. I placed it in one of the box cut outs so that I could take a reasonable picture ... now, focus on the end that shows different color shades. Where you see the darker areas, those are my finger nail scratches. There is a haze material covering the entire bottom portion of the coil ... this is not cleaned up that well. This is supposed to be a finished "convenience" coil. Don't use it without your own clean up procedure. If you do (like you would with the Atlantis or Subtank), you'll end up with the same off-tastes as I did. This is part of the air flow and will taint your juice taste with what I suspect is machining artifacts.

The tank is attractive and stainless steel. The specifications do not mention the material in the cut outs where you can see the juice, but I did confirm it is glass.

The specifications do not disclose the materials used for the seals ... in that absence, I would assume rubber.

The picture at the left shows the Joyetech Delta II and at the top, the LVC coil. LVC, in Joyetech parlance, stands for Liquid Valve Control. There are two "knurled" areas of the coil. If you grasp the middle one, and twist the top one, you are able to expose or cover as much of the liquid wicking area. In effect, you are able to control the vapor liquid flow.

The bottom right shows the rebuildable head that is optional (not included in the box with the Delta II).

And the bottom shows the air flow adjustment ring. Note that there are two of these slots on each opposing side of the base. The air flow adjustment ring is limited to full open, full closed and any increment in between that applies to both sides. There are a number of users that have reported a "whistling" sounds when inhaling. The only time we detected any "whistling" is when the air flow was at approximately 80% or less open. We suspect that is the narrow slits used for the air flow – but it is quite prominent whistle noise that gets noiser the more closed the air flow is.

The 510 connector at the bottom is fixed and appears to be stainless steel. The drip tip at the top of the Detal II matches the brushed stainless steel look of the Delta II. I must say, that I am pleased that Joyetech is finally off the kick of those weird looking plastic black drip tips. Buyers are expecting complementary looking drip tips and the wide-bore one that is included with the Delta II is excellent. It even features dual O rings, sits flush to the top of the tank, and stays in place perfectly.

The Joyetech LVC coil is huge ... it reminds me of the Atlantis coil ... much wider diameter than usual, and quite "tall". The surface area of the coil wire and wicking material is also huge. I have gotten into the habit with coils that are this large to prime them with vapor liquid before screwing them into the base. Even with six drops directly on the coil and one drop each for the wicking holes, I still ended up with a slightly dry hit for the first six-eight initial inhales. As I pointed out, I also ended up with some strange tastes. Once I looked at the spare coil still in the box, I took the filled Delta II apart and wiped down the coil outer case and bottom ... that took care of the strange tastes.

The Delta II is a cloud machine. This generates clouds that are, in my opinion, greater that the Atlantis and the Subtank. But, it's close and a subjective call on my part.

What's really big here is the flavor. This is on par with the Atlantis and the Subtank. But close ... it's nearly impossible to tell which of these three tanks would win overall in a shoot-out. All of them are slightly behind the Freemax (with the Bottom Quad Coil), by the way.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The short answer is yes, the qualified answer is possibly: 1) clean it up before using; and, 2) if you like the air flow wide open (or nearly wide open) – anything less and you will need to tolerate a pronounced whistling sound from the air flow slits. The machining of this is horrible and certainly not what I would expect from Joyetech or any other company vying for leadership in vaping equipment. And a note to Joyetech: look, you've lost a lot of credibility in the market with some poorly designed and poorly built products. You've rushed product to market that were incomplete ... if you want to get your position back in the market, clean up your act and clean up your product.