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Kanger Aerotank V2 from Canvape

Quite the follow up ... KangerTech have release V2 of their ground-breaking Aerotank. 

The original introduced vapers to the incredible Kanger Bottom Dual Coil – a distinct improvement above every other coil on the market, and a signficant change from the older style coils Kanger offered. These new Kanger Bottom Dual Coils have become synonymous with flavor and throat hit – and forced competitors to rethink their product lines. The Aerotank created a stir in the industry that continues today. The Aerotank V2 is not as revolutionary an upgrade as the original was, but it elevates the bar again.

The Kanger Aerotank V2 (the logo on the tank itself shows it as Aerotank2) is brushed stainless steel with a glass tank. All of the internal sealing is with silicone. The drip tip is quite nice and also has a silicone O ring to help keep the drip tip firm and straight on the tank.

This is packaged in the standard Kanger box. It's essentially a box within a box that features a window cut out so that you can plainly see the product. The package includes:

  • The KangerTech Aerotank V2 clearomizer fully assembled with a coil already in place
  • A spare coil
  • A spare Brushed Stainless Steel tank that you can use in place of the glass tank
  • A beauty ring so that you can use this on different size batteries
  • Authenticity card
  • and very good instructions

At the left is a picture of the base units from the original Aerotank and the new Aerotank V2. The one on the left is the first version. That was a knurled ring that was threaded. Tighten or loosen to expose more or less of the air flow holes. The version on the right is the new air flow system from the Aerotank V2. It has "dimples" that are similar to the rest of the Aerotank line and identical to the included stainless steel tank. Instead of air flow holes as in the original Aerotank, this new version has a vertical slot that is narrow at one end and wide at the other. On the outer ring, there is one large hole that you can rotate over this vertical slot to expose more or less of the opening. It can be completely shut off, completely open and anything in between. The rotation action is incredibly smooth and the dimples in the air flow ring help with grip to make this a firm action. This style of air flow is now common to all of the most recent Aerotanks: the Aerotank Mini, Aerotank V2, Aerotank Mega, and Aerotank Giant. There is now an Aerotank for every possible battery type.

I filled this with some Cotton Candy eLiquid ... 2.8 ml to be exact and set it on a V3tronix Flip mechanical mod. Wow! It's "purr-ty" ... a really nice combination with both units in brushed stainless steel. The coil that came with this Aerotank V2 is 1.8 ohms (so is the spare coil in the package). Coils are also available in a 1.2 ohm version – quite a low resistance for commercial coils. The Kanger Bottom Dual Coils are a "wickless" design ... at least the manufacturers call it "wickless". They really are not wickless, they just are not the standard silica or cotton wick types we are used to (and not visible externally), but there are still wicks. You can easily confirm this: start with a brand new coil, add eLiquid, put it on your battery and fire immediately. You'll get a dry hit and a burnt taste. Take a few puffs without firing to prime, and try again and you'll experience excellent flavor. So, it has to have a wick ... or, something that wicks eLiquid to the heating element.

The battery that I put in the Flip is freshly charged. With the first two or three draws on this new coil, the flavor was so-so and the vapor was average. After that, though, WOW!!!! Wow, again!!!! Exceptional, really exceptional flavor. Folks, unless you are a cloud chaser or want to make your own coils as a hobby or to save a few $$, there just is no reason to use a rebuildable atomizer anymore. 

The original Aerotank threw out the gauntlet in the on-going development and clearomizer improvements. Vapers benefit with some manufacturers taking up the gauntless and launching their own competitive Aerotank products. The benefits to us have been enormous: distinct and significant enhancements in flavor; distict and significant improvements in throat hit; simplified and much easier to fill tanks; and, larger capacity tanks. One of the most important beyond all of these is that all these new tanks are using glass and adopting silicone for sealing. The safety factor is a substantial gain for us. Thanks KangerTech.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? This is a question that shouldn't even be asked ... the KangerTech Aerotank family has my unqualified recommendation (for all of them). I have previous said that it is nearly impossible to pick a winner between the KangerTech Aerotank and the Aspire Nautilus (now we can add the Innokin Gladius in the Mini size). At the time, I did give the edge to the KangerTech Aerotank and find myself doing the same thing again. Although it's impossible to pick any of the different brands as leading on flavor or throat hit, I'll pick the Kanger Aerotank as the overall winner. My rationale is simple: it's the KangerTech that constantly raises the bar with the Aerotank clearomizers that gets the other manufacturers to constantly improve.

My thanks to Canvape for providing the KangerTech Aerotank V2 for testing and review.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 10:42 am

    Gotta agree with you, the Aerotank all versions are all very good, no great tanks. Here in the US. and maybe up by y'all in Canada if you can find it, the ver.3 Aerotank. I bought a couple bases for my Aerotank, Aerotank Mega, Genitank, and Genitank Mega. It does what version 2 did going up from the original. Very, very nice air flow, you can now really fine tune how much or how little air flow you want or need.