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Kanger EMOW Mega from The Canadian Vaper

Kanger has been consistent in its innovative development cycles offering tanks with adjustable air flow. The air flow ring is proven and similar on all tanks with a very smooth action on the air flow ring. They all feature five holes and a large slit in the air ring to expose any portion of the five air holes.

At the right is the unit I received for testing and review – in blue paint stainless steel with a glass tank. The paint is like an automotive "candy apple" style somewhat translucent and quite attractive.

The EMOW design is similar to the recently launched Genitank line and an improvement on the Aerotank design. If you look closely, you'll see that this also has the "kayfun" style drip tip with the rounded top, a great addition to the overall look.

The unit at the right is the EMOW Mega. It's not really in keeping with what is expected of a "mega" designation, it's only 18.4 mm in diameter.

The box is utilitarian, but features a new Kanger security feature. At the top right is a Kanger logo sticker. If you went it with a drop of water, the logo disappears. When it dries, the logo reappears without any smudges or other artifacts. On the back of the box is the standard scatch authentication found on all Kanger products. You can use the code it reveals after scratching to verify the authenticity of your product on the Kanger website.

Kanger make the EMOW Mega in five different colors. Steel, Black, IP Blue, Cherry and Bone. Four are shown at the right.

I have quite a few Kanger tanks. The recently launched Genitank and now this EMOW tank are far superior to any other tank they have offered. The Aerotank is slightly dated, and I've had a few leaking issues with the Aerotank (the original version), the Aerotank Mini, the Aerotank Mega, and the Aerotank Giant. The Genitank resolved those problems – combined with the new Kanger Bottom Dual Coil, it's a perfect combination. Now the EMOW (also called the MOW) is added to the "must-have" tanks.

At the left is the new Kanger Bottom Dual Coil (BDC). The easiest way to tell these new style coils apart from the older coils is by looking at the base of the smaller air flow chimney. The silicone seal is flat. On the older style coils, it is cup shaped and slides over the wider part of the coil.

These new BDC coils are leak and gurgle free – at least, I haven't encountered any problems with them. These new coils also greatly increase the flavor of the eLiquid and provide an enhanced throat hit.

You can buy the EMOW Mega as part of a color-matched kit that features an EVOD style battery that is the same color as the tank. This test and review is on the tank only. Our test battery is a Cloupor T6. We used the Cloupor at various wattages to test the limits of the Kanger EMOW with the new BDC coils. We were able to use the combination in every wattage setting from 7.0 watts all the way to 18.5 watts (keep in mind, this is a 1.8 ohm coil) before getting a slight burnt taste in the eLiquid. That's quite the range for a "convenience" style tank, especially considering most are vaping at 8.5 watts (where I also usually vape).

Vapor production is incredible. Even at my standard 8.5 watt setting, the vapor and throat hit were both outsgtanding. 

You can't really use the Kanger EMOW Mega without comparing with the Aspire Nautilus Mini. They are both roughly the same size and eLiquid capacity. The EMOW Mega has a slightly smaller diameter, but quite a bit larger capacity. The Nautilus Mini holds 1.2 ml of juice, the EMOW Mega holds 1.8 ml of juice. The EMOW Mega also wins out on air flow – at this size of clearomizer, the EMOW wins out over every other product in the category.

It's also quite easy to fill. The air flow tube inside the tank is a good distance from the inside of the glass tank. You can fill this using any size eLiquid bottle and tip by slightly angling the bottle and point the tip to the glass.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Oh, without a doubt. Just on flavor alone, the Kanger EMOW Mega is outstanding. When you combine the attractive colors, the new Kanger BDC coil, the excellent capacity, and all stainless steel with glass tank, you have a clearomizer that is the leader in its class. At the point of review, I do not know the retail price of this tank – but I expect it to be in the $20-$22 range. Even if slightly higher, it's a great buy and still less expensive than others in its class. My thanks to The Canadian Vaper for providing the Kanger EMOW Mega – hey, drop by their new website. They have been updating their online presence, as well as opening at a new location in Newmarket and a completely new location in Whitby.