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Lrider Glory Tank

I had to look at the eLiquid bottle over and over again just to make sure I was using the same eLiquid that I have put in other tanks. The flavor from this Lrider Glory Tank was so rich and tasty, I couldn't believe it was the same juice.

Let's be clear before I get started. The Lrider Glory Tank is just being released as I write this review. This is a production unit that they are just getting into the market now.

The box is what you will see at the vape store where you shop. The tank itself is a polished stainless steel with a high quality look. The tank is glass. It has a 4.5 ml capacity, enough to vape all day and then some. 

The Lrider Glory Tank has an air flow control ring that exposes an infinite setting from shut off to completely wide open. The entire bottom section of the Glory Tank has a knurled finish that makes this easy to remove and put on a battery – the air flow ring is opposed knurled and not confused with the base part easily. And a powerful bonus: this uses either the Lrider coil or Kanger coil – both styles are Bottom Dual Coil designs. The Lrider coil is every bit the equal of the new Kanger coils used with the Aerotank V2. Flavor, flavor, flavor ... exceptional flavor. 

You can see the air flow control ring in the picture at the left. Note the small "post" in the lower part (it's a bit hard to see). That post limits the travel of the air flow ring. This is not a 360 degree turning ring and it is a lot easier to adjust in a no-light situation – no guessing.

The drip tip isn't the fare offered by other manufacturers trying to copy the Kayfun look. This is a functional drip tip that is very nice to use. It has a finish to match the polished stainless steel on the rest on the tank. It has a flared bottom and an O ring to keep it sitting flush and solidly in the 510 compatible drip tip hole. When it is out, the top of the tank sits flush on a surface. 

This is a bottom fill tank. Also unique to this tank is a bridgeless design. This is extremely simple to fill, there are no tiny holes to target and any size bottle tip will work. It is a solid tank, prevented from leaking with silicone seals on all parts below the drip tip. 

The package includes the Lrider Glory Tank as you see in the picture above at the left. As shipped, it is preassembled with a 1.5 ohm coil, just add eLiquid and you are ready to vape. The box also includes a spare 1.5 ohm coil and a beauty ring. The box itself is a nice clam shell type suitable for gifting.

At the right is a picture I took of the Lrider Glory Tank sitting on top of a V3 Flip. 

This looks great, absolutely great. On one side of the tank is a laser etched "Lrider" logo, and on the opposing side (showing in the picture) is the tank name "Glory".

As I noted above, I filled this with an eLiquid that I have used before in other tests and reviews. I know what it tastes like in everything from disposable clearomizers with top coil and dual hanging wicks to Bottom Changeable Coils to Bottom Dual Coils ... as well as Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs). Most notable was how easy it was to fill this tank. There is no "bridge" spanning from the sides of the tank to the air flow tube. That should mean that the air flow tube is a weak spot that may move and create leaks, but that isn't the case with the Glory Tank. The air flow tube is solidly mounted in the upper stainless steel portion of the tank. That exposes the entire circumference of the air flow tube right to the edge of the tank inside open as space to fill with eLiquid. That's solid engineering, that's innovation. All it took to "prime" the tank after filling was one single draw. From that point on, it is pure ecstasy. Incredible flavor, incredible throat hit and wonderful after taste. This is just from the tank. As I noted, this is the same eLiquid I have used before and only on this tank does it provide this kind of extras: flavor, throat hit and after taste.

From a compatibility perspective, this is wide open. The coils I used are the ones included with the Lrider Glory Tank – Bottom Dual Coils. The coils are etched with the Lrider logo and the coil resistance (1.5 ohms with these). These are the "wickless" style, no visible wick. They are also completely compatible with the Kanger Bottom Dual Coils. For vendors, this means they get a great tank design they can offer their customers at attractive prices. For users, this means you get a great value with coils that are compatible with the ones you already have – and another brand to choose from with quality and flavor rendition equal to the best of the best.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? This is one of those situations where I do not know what the retail price will be (I don't even know what the wholesale price is and can't estimate retail). However, this is clearly one of the top clearomizers to deliver on flavor, deliver on throat hit, and deliver on after taste. That means it atomizes the eLiquid very well and efficiently. It's in the same league as the Aspire Nautilus and Kanger Aerotank. I expect it will be lower priced than these, but I would pay a premium to own an Lrider Glory Tank – it's that good. Is it worth it? Gheez, you have to get one.