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Smok GCT from Canvape

Check the price out on this baby. $22.95 from I think Canvape and Smoktech are trying to dominate the market ... what do you think?

There are a lot of devices coming out lately that require notices ... in the case of the Smok Gimlet Cloud Tank, you need to be aware the coils included with this (there are two, one already in the tank, and a spare in the box) are made of pure Nickel wire. To use this tank with the included coils,  you need to use a device that features temperature control. Smoktech show this in their promotional literature with their recently released Smok XPRO M80 that features temperature control. And, it just happens that the Smok GCT coils support from 20 watts to 80 watts ... at the upper extreme, that is the top wattage supported by the Smok XPRO M80. You also need to be aware that these coils are 0.2 ohms – this is incredibly low resistance. If your device does not support temperature control, you might want to pass on this. If you buy it for looks (and it is one incredibly good looking tank) you can use it with VCT coils – those are regular Kanthal A1 wire based and 0.5 ohms. There are other resistance levels that will be available soon in the VCT coils. And, I will make that crystal clear: the coils for the VCT and GCT have identical threading, diameters, and heights. There are some differences. The GCT Nickel coils do not have liquid flow adjustments. 

The Smok GCT (GCT stands for Gimlet Cloud Tank) is a really attractive looking tank. The top shows gold-colored heat dissipation that match two cold-colored rings above and below the air flow control ring. Smoktech has another tank that shares the look (without the gold-colored accents) that they call the Gimlet Giant. While it has a similar look, the capacity is larger, it is taller, has a slightly different finish and uses different type of coil. You will need to be cautious when buying or ordering the GCT to make sure you get the right one.

Air flow is quite generous too. There are four possible settings that should suit all vaping styles from mouth draw to lung draw. The air flow control ring has a detente pin so that it will not inadvertently get moved.

As noted above, this tank is designed as a temperature control tank. The pure nickel wire is extremely low resistance and should not be used on other devices (regulated or not). You really need a temperature controlled advanced personal vaporizer to use this tank with the pure nickel wire. The advantage is clear: you'll never get another dry hit and you will maximize the flavor and cloud generation. No more burned taste from your juice. The prospect is incredible ... and in practice that is exactly how it works. I have a Smok XPRO M80, but it is in for replacement right now. The only temperature control device I have is the Vaporshark rDNA 40. When I used the Smok GCT tank on the Vaporshark, I purposely set the temperature setting low (400 F) to see what would happen. I also purposely vaped on a brand new coil that had not primed with juice yet ... the result is that there was no firing of the coil. The temperature control worked perfectly and protected the device, tank and coil from damage – and me too, by the way. Very impressive. 

The Vaporshark shows this coil as 0.26 ohms. I've tried it at various temperature settings from 400 F to 600 F. Once you find the temperature setting that you like, it really doesn't matter what wattage you set on the device ... it will never fire above the temperature you selected. And, it's instantaneous. Temperature control feature means that there is constant real-time monitoring of the coil. Run dry while inhaling, and the device will stop the power to the coil. 

So, what are the results? Regardless of the temperature setting, the flavor from the juice was incredible. The flavor is markedly better than any other coil I have ever tried. I am not sure how to properly describe the flavor: it's just more "intense". At 400 F setting, the vapor and throat hit were on par with most dual vertical coils. Throat hit and vapor increased with each temperature increase. When I reached 550 F, each draw started to get warmer. By the time I reached 600 F, each draw was getting even warmer ... at a 10 second draw, even the drip tip was starting to get uncomfortable. Clearly 600 F is possible, but likely best for those trying to simulate cloud chucking with a tank based system. However, even at 600 F the flavor was exceptional. And, as a footnote, 500F seemed to be my sweet spot. 

The Smok VCT was recently launched with four different types of coils. Three of the coils are pre-made and feature Kanthal wire. The fourth coil is rebuildable for DIY coil builders. Smoktech call the new GCT "an upgrade over the VCT" in the small included instructions at the bottom of the GCT box. I'm not sure it is an upgrade ... it quite clearly is aimed at a different market, a different user. Where it becomes interesting is when you consider that the coils for the VCT can be used on the GCT. That then makes the GCT a more general purpose tank that you can use with almost any device (still sub-ohm). The only glitch in this is that Smok hasn't made the VCT coils (or GCT coils for that matter) generally available. The VCT tank coils didn't hit the mass market until nearly 5 weeks after the VCT was widely available. It's the same with the GCT, the tank is available, spare coils are not. Now that the VCT coils are available, order a few to go with your GCT.

 As usual, I removed the included drip tip from the GCT and used one of my favorite "shorty" wide bore tips. I think it makes it look nicer, I doubt that it does much for air flow – especially with the good air flow on the GCT tank.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? We are all very fortunate to be vapers, particularly over the past six months with introductions of some outstanding tanks. The Smok GCT joins the ranks of the best of the best in the convenience tank category and certainly takes a leadership role in temperature control designed tanks. If you have a temperature control capable device (any DNA 40 chipset device, the Smok XPRO M80, the IPV 4, etc), then this tank is a must have, and there is absolutely no doubt about that. If you do not have a temperature control capable device, this is still worth considering. The price point is very attractive, the tank really looks great, and you can use VCT coils for other advanced personal vaporizers.