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Smok VCT Pro

Smoktech has released an upgrade to the Smok VCT atomizer. 

It is available in two colors. To avoid confusion, the colors are different O rings inside the tank and visible through the glass. There is a version with black O rings (as we received for testing) and a version with red O rings. The VCT Pro version we received had the black O rings installed on the tank, and red O rings in the box that we could install ourselves.

The Smok VCT Pro upgrades include: 5 ML glass tank, new style of coils (0.2, 30W to 100W; and, 0.6, 15W to 30W) that has rectangular liquid flow slots, a glass air-flow adjustable drip tip, and a choice of O rings. 

The VCT Pro appears to be Smoktech's answer to the Atlantis V2 and others being released with air-flow drip tips. These drip tips do cool down the vapor and that can be useful if you are at high wattage. The air-flow at the top also adds air and dilutes the flavor somewhat. In all of the top air-flow drip tip units we have tested, we have the air flow turned off most of the time. While the Smok VCT Pro drip tip does add to the overall look of the tank, most of these are better left off and replaced with a regular drip tip: keep the air flow drip tip for those occasions you can to crank up the wattage.

There is a major disappointment with this tank. The new style of drip tip is designed to produce better flavor and generate larger clouds. We found that to be marginal increases and would have preferred Smoktech stick to compatibility with the original Smok VCT and Smok GCT coils. Adding a new coil design to the VCT Pro may prove to be a mistake. Vendors are already questioning the numer of coil types they have to inventory ... we suspect these vendors will streamline and focus on a few core products. That may reduce sales for companies like Smoktech that are trying to make in roads with the major providers in this segment. As good as the Smok VCT Pro is, the new style of coils may be its downfall.

The Smoktech VCT Pro pricing is also on the strange side. It's a premium price over the much more desirable Smok Gimlet Cloud Tank, also known as the GCT. The GCT has a 4.5 ML capacity. It is far more appealing in looks than the VCT Pro, includes Ni200 coils and produces flavor and clouds better than the new VCT Pro. And it costs less.

We are not sure the coils are that much of an improvement over the VCT/GCT coils. Yes, the rectangular liquid flow slots appear larger. The overall surface area of visible cotton is slightly larger than the circle on the VCT/GCT coils. In actual use, the VCT Pro is only marginally better than the VCT, and is surpassed in flavor and cloud generation by the GCT.

That leaves only the air flow drip tip and tank capacity. The VCT Pro is about 30% higher price than the VCT and 25% higher price than the GCT.

It is lower priced than most of its other competition though. In that regard, it is a good value and comparable in flavor and cloud generation to the Atlantis V2.

Smoktech has been chasing the leading edge of personal vaporizers and sub-ohm tanks lately. The sub-ohm tanks have all been designed around their Smok XPRO M80 series. All of their marketing collaterals for these tanks feature at least one picture of the tank they are releasing threaded onto the Smok XPRO M80. 

Note that we used said "chasing". They are not on the leading edge, just chasing it. the Smok XPRO M80 is a good device with 80 watt capacity and built in 4400 mAh batteries. It has two claims to fame: a low entry price, and temperature control. The tanks (VCT, VCT Pro and GCT) are designed to sit perfectly flush on the M80 and they do sit flush. The Smoktech XPRO M80 suffers in that the implementation of temperature control is not that great. One of our reviewers has burned out several Ni200 coils. None of our reviewers has been able to get the Smoktech XPRO M80 to avoid dry hits when the tank is drained of E-Liquid. The tanks are the same, they are chasing the leading edge. The only tank that can be ranked with the competition is the Gimlet Cloud Tank (GCT) as a result of it shipping with Ni200 coils. 

Pros: low price, 5 ML capacity, dual O ring colors and spares in the box

Cons: new style coil, margin improvements in flavor and vapor

Overall, we are sitting on the fence with this tank. We are unable to recommend it, yet it is a reasonable value. Anyone buying this should note that the coils they may already have for the VCT or GCT will not fit this device. You will have to get a whole new set of coils for your vaping kit.  At the top right we show the approximate retail price in USD and CAD.