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Infinite Stillare V3

The Stillare V2 was one impressive dripper, one of the best. I was really looking forward to testing the Stillare V3.

The Infinite Stillare V3, a clone, included the unit shown at the right. The box also included a bag of goodies:

  • Mini screw driver
  • Spare O rings
  • Wicking material
  • Coil wire
  • Spare copper screws

And, some specs:

  • The eLiquid well is 2.8 mm
  • The drip tip is the same size as the authentic version
  • The center pin is copper

The base is stainless steel and acts as the negative conductor. There are three screws so that you can use up to three coils.

The center positive post is copper and has slotted holes. The best way to put coils into the Stillare V3 is to make them vertical to the base. With vertical coils, the legs of the coils do not need to be bent or angled in any way. They naturally fit into the slots in the center post. You have to insert the leg of the coil carefully – the center post is hollow and unless you get the leg in straight to the other side of the post, the leg coils inside the post.

At each negative screw point, there are grooves for the leg of the coil. You are supposed to put  your coil legs into these grooves and then tighten the screws. With the vertical coil setup I decided to use, the grooves didn't line up well, so I wrapped the legs around the screws.

Air flow for the Atillare V3 is excellent. There are three air slots on the outer tank cover that are generously sized. The top cover turns inside the outer tank cover and provide adjustable air flow. The slots on the top cover have two longer slots and one that is roughly the same size as the outer tank. This provides for a wide range of possibilities – none of the choices, though, include a closed system.

I built three 2.4 ohm coils for the Stillare V3 and used four strands of silica wick in each coil. That yielded an 0.8 ohm build. The reason for using four strands of silica wicks instead of cotton is that the base design of the Stillare V3 is a bit unusual and I wanted to make sure that I covered as much of the base under the coils as possible. As it turns out, that was a good decision. The silica wicks the eLiquid nicely.

After testing on an ohm meter and on a regulated mod, both showing 0.8 ohms, I wet the wicks and coil. I put the outer tanks back on and added 15 drops of eLiquid. And then vaped ... what an incredible vape it was. Flavor is absolutely the best. Cloud production is awesome. Throat hit is superb. Air flow is immense. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Quite frankly, the V3 is one step ahead of the V2 in terms of cloud production. In all other aspects, it is equivalent to the V2. This is one rebuildable that I will have to let you make the ultimate decision on. I am not a cloud chaser, and the V3's advantage over the V2 is all in cloud production. 


  • Posted by Matthijs Molenaar on August 16, 2015, 9:49 am

    The biggest con i found on this device is that it doesn't house all the exotic builds i like doing. It really is built with simple one-strand-of-kanthal in mind. My previous go-to RDA was the Mephisto clone and it had huge 3mm holes, so it was a bit unusual for me to go back to building with micro coils. But at that, it totally blows all my other RDA's out of the contest. It has amazing flavour, nice vapour production (here in the Netherlands it is very hard to find good 100% VG juice for a good price, all up and above the 10 euro mark, so i use 50/50 juice at best, and it gives some nice clouds) and looks nice and sleek. One other thing that bothered me when i first got it, is that the first couple of times i built a setup, it was kinda hard to get all the coils in right. Now i know that you need to insert all the coils into the center post fist, screw that down and start positioning them and screwing down the outer screws. I align all my coils above the outer screws in a horizontal fashion, with the wick lowered into the two juicewells left and right from the coil. I never had a dry hit this way, but a lot of people use the vertical build, so i will try that one next time i build my coils.

  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 1:40 pm

    Yes sir, I have this one and although I only built mine with 2 coils to start with. Maybe at some point I may just take these two coils out, start with 3 fresh coils, I don't know, for now though, my 2 coil build at .56 ohms is working just fine. I use organic cotton squares, and it is a bit tricky using cotton, but I filled the 2 coils snipped off the excess and used that in the third area that didn't have a coil. Holy smokin donut!! this thing is a cloud blowin machine, the flavor, is outstanding to boot. Don't think they can do anything more to make the Stilare any better than it already is!