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Doge X2

What a marketing technique. Appeal to the vaper that likes to chuck clouds ... and it does.

When I test and review E-Liquids, I always use a variety of tanks including Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA). That gives me a range of feedback that tests just about every aspect of a juice. The Doge X2 just joined the line up permanently. Not because of its cloud generation abilities (and those are extreme), but because this is an excellent dual purpose RDA. The flavor it renders is outstanding and does justice to any juice you drip in.

It's all due to the air holes ... more specifically, the placement of those air holes. With a twist of the top, you can incremently expose air vent holes from top to bottom and from side to side. The sleeve has different size air holes so that you can dial in precisely the type of vape experience you want.

The image at the right really doesn't do this justice, but you can see the different size air holes. The lower row of holes end up cascading air from under the coil upwards. The center row is roughly in-line with the coil, and the top row is just shaving the top part of the coil. The holes are on an angled plane that match the inner sleeve cut outs. You can expose anything from one larger hole and the angle positioning exposes the holes in a climbing upwards fashion.

Regardless of the number of holes exposed, the flavor is exceptional because you are always getting air below the coil. More air flow means more clouds.

At the left, I am showing the parts of the Doge X2 just after I did the initial cleaning with warm water and soap and finished with multiple rinses. The reason the screws are out is to get a fine brush into the posts to make sure no machining oil is left even in the deepest crevices. 

A few points to make: the coil leg holes are massive, the post screws are copper, the positive post is set in a rectangular peek insulator (no spinning of the post) and all the seals look like they are silicone. The machining is very clean and smooth. Unlike other RDA's, the center sleeve slips over the two base O-Rings very easily – as does the top air flow adjuster. 

This is the clone version. The box includes the unit fully assembled. There is also a bag of spares that includes an excellent assortment of items that will keep your Doge X2 relevant for quite some time. 

You get the usual stuff: a mini flat screwdriver for the center post screws, a spare center post, a spare peek insulator, two coils (I didn't use these), three spare silicone O-Rings, three stainless steel post screws, and one spare copper screw. There is also a round white insulator for the bottom of the 510 connector. Quite complete.

The 510 connector at the bottom is copper and is adjustable, also with the flat screwdriver. Threading on the 510 connector is buttery smooth and threads onto a battery quite easily. 

The X2 engraving varies from the original and the various clones that are available. The one I received is on the light side and almost looks like a light brown. It's not really this engraving to focus on though ... this is one awesome performer. 

I used two Kanthal 28 guage wires, each at 0.6 ohms. The combination ended up showing a total resistance of exactly 0.30 ohms. The fine folks at Canvape supplied this for testing and review ... I'm in the middle of packing up our house and moving and I couldn't find where I had packed my wicking materials. Canvape came to the rescue there too and provided a pack of Youde Technology 100% pure organic cotton. These are re-packaged by Youde and are the Koh Gen Do brand from Japan. The package states this wicking material has not been chemically treated, bleached, or pigmented. Youde Technology does a nice job of packaging these in an easily transported re-sealable pack. Each rectangular piece of organic cotton (there are five of them in one bag) are also individually wrapped. Not a bad deal for just $3.95 that Canvape sells these for.

As I pointed out, this is a clone. At the price this sells for ($12.95) I didn't expect the quality finish, smooth buttery threads, and quality materials and spares included with this. I expected cut-rate materials, and the only cut-rate parts are the packaging ... since that gets deep-sixed anyhow, getting this quality in a clone RDA is an incredible value proposition. 

In use, this is about the most flexible RDA available. Vape for flavor, vape for generating clouds, or both. All it takes is a flick of the wrist to twist the top to modify air flow and the vape expeience. Be warned, though, the flavor is so darn good you'l go through more juice that usual. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Try as I might, I can't find anything negative to say about the Doge X2. The fit and finish is incredible and the machining perfect. I really like the extreme wide bore inhale tip. You don't even have to take the top off to drip more juice in. Just leave it on you battery and add more juice, and vape right away. That top part is high enough away from the coils with no spit back when the juice heats up. I have a good understanding of how an RDA works and how to take advantage of air flow to get clouds or juice – it may be the tapered top that helps with air concentration when vaping that makes it all work perfectly. Whatever it is, this is one amazing RDA that is well worth adding to your vape gear.