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Ehpro Stillare V2 from Canvape

I have been very impressed with all the Ehpro products I have ever acquired. The Ehpro Stillare V2 is no exception. The package is spartan, but includes everything you need: a mini screwdriver, spare seals, two spare screws and the Stillare V2 unit fully assembled (without coil and wick).

This features a few extras not available with most drippers. The 510 connector is brass for maximum power transfer.

The Stillare V2 features three gold colored posts. I suspect they are brass with a cladding. The screws are Philips head and very smooth. And the three insert holes for the coil legs are a nice size, particularly the center post has a smooth sliding action when inserting the coils from each side.

What is appealing with the Stillare is the slotted air vent. I measured it at 7.3 mm ... meaning this has a generous air flow. For maximum effect, you set the slots inline with the coils.

As you can see at the left, the posts are designed for maximum power with minimal power drop off or lag. The center post features a plastic insert (the center post is positive). The size of this unit is ideal for working on the coils and wicking. I had absolutely no problems whatsoever. 

The well is 1.8 mm deep. That is generous for holding your drops of eLiquid and for getting a lot of wicking material in there. The coils are actually quite a distance from the base, good wicking (meaning plenty of cotton) is absolutely necessary to get the eLiquid to the coils.

The coils that I build when testing drippers are all made from 26 AWG gauge wire, wrapped to an 8/9 style. That should end up giving me 0.5 to 0.7 ohms depending on the coil leg length. With the Stillare, I had really short coil legs and ended up with an overall 0.2 ohms after completing the dual coil build.

At the right is a picture I am not too pleased with, it turned out quite out of focus, but I wanted to show how I wicked this. I left the larger part of the wick towards the inner well and the short part of the wick towards the outer well. What I was trying to achieve is a wick that would easily reach the coil base and yet have enough cotton to get maximum wire coverage.

As you can see at the left, I did a reasonable job achieving that. Now the real "test" ... I saturated the wick and base with some 6 mg eLiquid that I am used to vaping in a clearomizer. Since I already had experience with this juice, this would be a good test of flavor transfer. I set the air flow slot to wide open.

The flavor transfer was ... well, nothing short of miraculous. This juice has never tasted this good in a clearomizer. I must also say that with wide open slots there really is no other way other than to lung inhale. Trying to inhale by mouth is really impossible. Well, it is possible, you just don't get much of anything other than air and a bit of vapor. 

Not only is the flavor great, so is the throat hit – but a bit smoother than I expected. I suspect that is due to the large amount of air in the draw.

The Ehpro Stillare V2 has an adjustable air flow as I pointed out above. To use it is incredibly easy. If  you look at the top right picture, you will note that at the top is a slightly slanted top portion. That is an insert into the "tank" and is retained in place by a rubber seal. It is very simple to hold that with one hand, hold the stainless steel tank with the other and just twist. It twists easily and you can adjust the air flow from wide open to completely shut. I even tried it at nearly shut and still generated some huge clouds (and unexpected, too, by the way).

If you plan on getting involved with dripping, the Ehpro Stillare V2 is a great way of learning. If you are already an experienced dripper, I don't have to persuade you: you already have this in your kit. And, now I understand why. It is an great rebuildable dripping atomizer and a terrific price.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? As noted above, the Ehpro Stillare V2 is a great buy. To its credit it has a great quality build, with a finish that is high-end and professional. This includes a drip tip, so really all you need is coil wire and cotton for wicking to get started. At this price, this is the "ultimate" dripper that requires no extras to make it a great vape. 


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 1:08 pm

    I have the v2 Stilare and am well pleased with it, it was my very first dripping atty which I bought last...Oct..Nov. time frame. Got my first ever rebuildable a Russian 91% last Oct. so yea, late Oct. I went from building a 1.3 ohm on the Russian right into sub ohmingwith a .65 ohm build in the Stilare. Love the flavor I get out of the Stilare using organic cotton squares. As a matter of fact that is what I'm sucking on Stilare and some Mr. Good Vape Moon Sugar