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Innokin iTaste VF from Canvape

Innokin is know for its innovation. This is their first rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) and it shows the same quality and innovation the company is known for. The only aspect of the Innokin iTaste VF that I was not expecting is the low price that Canvape offers this at.

The iTaste VF is a three post setup for dual coils (or quad coils using the four hole per post configuration). This is quite a short unit, I wasn't expecting it to be full featured and vape as well as it does. The coil base is threaded onto the cap, it does not pull off like most drippers. And the eLiquid well is 3.8 mm meaning this is good for close to 1 ml of eLiquid (or a bit more) at a time.

It's fairly easy to work on, as you can see above left. The posts each have two sets of holes (a total of four holes per post) so that you can offset the coil. Even twisted low guage will fit on this. The post screws are a terrific design with a cross pattern that can accommodate either a flat screw driver (included) or a philips head screw driver. The "screws" are also knurled, so in a pinch you can even tighten them by hand. By the way, if it hasn't struck you yet, with four holes per post, you can actually use four coils.

All of the threading is absolutely butter smooth and all seals are silicone. There were no machining artifacts anywhere on the unit when I received it.

Air flow is incredible too. If you look at the picture at the right, you'll see that the air flow ring has generous slits ... one on each side. I made a slight mistake on my first few draws and thought the air flow was "average" ... that was nearly closed. When I opened this up completely, the air flow was amazing. It's the best air flow from a dripper yet without having to drill out anything.

The air flow ring has two silicone O rings on the inside and it rotates very well, and stays in place when not actively being moved.

Innokin include a drip tip with the iTaste VF Dripper. The picture at the right shows exactly how it is packaged, with a silicone cover over the drip tip. With the included drip tip, the total height is 51.1 mm. I used a "shorty" stainless drip tip which brought down the total height to 39.3 mm. You also have the option of not using a drip tip at all and just draw from the chimney "stack", which makes the overall height only 26.5 mm.

The knurling at the top edge and bottom edge are quite well designed and easy to handle.

I ended up building two coils, each at 2.4 ohms. I used four strands of silica wick in each coil (total of eight strands) and then curled the wicks around the outside of each post, with two strands from each coil going into the center where the juice will be dripped. I also manageed to get one of each strand to cover the outside of the coil.

When I put this on the ZNA 50 (seen at left), the ohm resistance came out to 1.2 ohms. It's probably a bit closer to 1.26, on another mod it measured at 1.3 ohms. The reason for not sub-ohming with this is that I wanted to use the iTaste VF on some other regulated mods that won't work below 1.2 ohms.

Even at only 8 watts on the ZNA 50 and 1.2 ohm coil, this dripper generates nice clouds. I cranked up the ZNA 50 to 30 watts and, gheez, it's outstanding.

The design, machining, and build on this iTaste VF is excellent. It's at a price point that makes it an attractive buy and a great value.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Drippers in particular are a sensitive subject. Users either love or hate them and reject just about anything else available. Overlook this one, and you'll end up regretting it. It's an incredible vape with outstanding air flow. With the adjustable air flow, you can dial in a tight draw or open wide for maximum air flow. The entire unit is made of of five pieces: a coil base, a mid-section (air flow), the air flow control ring, top cap, and drip tip. It can all be taken apart for cleaning. There is a spares bag included in the package with extra screws and extra O rings for the air flow control ring. At the price this is offered at on the website, it's a real deal. Highly recommended – particularly if you are new at drippers and want a rebuildable dripper that is easy to work on.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 1:33 pm

    I have seen these drippers and never even considered it as a viable dripper. I will have to go back and give this a closer more thorough look see, might have to get one and try it, they are not at expensive here in the US. Today is Father's Day, might take and use my gift card and get one..yea..sounds like a plan to me. Thank you for such an informative review, never would have considered this one otherwise!

  • Posted by Linda Erickson on October 21, 2014, 12:48 am

    Thanks for the review, will be looking at this one.