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Steam Crave v-RDA

One of the most anticipated dripper atomizers we've ever reviewed.

That's the packaging at the right. A nice attractive box ... and look at that tank. No air flow holes anywhere along the sides. No air flow holes in the 510 connector.

A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in how we approach or view things. The Steam Crave v-RDA is a paradigm shift.

First, the air flow is through the top. If you look at the picture on the right, you'll note the angled channels. Those direct air in a vortex patttern from the air inlet into the base of the tank.

Air flows in a vortex ... air reaches every nook and cranny inside the tank. In its path back up through the drip tip, it has picked up every possible atom of atomized E-Liquid possible and delivers a tsunami of flavor that is unmatched in any atomizer.

You can see the effect through the artist rendering at the left.

And, it's an artist rendering ... with an error in the drawing. The air flow inlet is where the metal top meets the body. In the image, you can see the black drip tip inserted in the metal top. That is threaded (and so buttery smooth, too) onto the body.

The image shows it as touching the body ... that means the air flow is closed. You wouldn't even be able to draw air through it when it is closed.

The image at the right (also an artist rendering) shows a break out of all the parts.

You can loosen the top air flow control. There's really nothing to see when you do this, it just leaves a gap between the air flow control and the metal just above the glass of the tank. That gap is the air flow inlet. It feeds a series of slots that match those angled lines that you see through the glass. It's actually massive air flow.

Included in the package is a replacement for the glass – an etched metal barrel. You can see the glass version on the left, and the etched metal barrel on the right.

Either look great, and you need to be aware that the glass one doesn't stay clear (or transparent) for long. The steam generated by this incredible tank will stick to the glass obstructing any view you might think you should get ... that being said, I personally prefer the glass look.

The tank itself is 24.8 mm diameter.

The juice well is stepped and 5 mm deep – one of the deepest juice wells in any atomizer. It easily holds 30-35 drops of juice (just a bit more than 1.5 ml). We actually squeezed in nearly 53 drops before we started getting a bit of gurgling (meaning we hit the base of the air flow holes).

The build deck is fabulous to work with. The posts are velocity-style and use grub screws with 1.27 mm allen key head. You can built vertical or horizontal coils with this. The post holes are 2 mm and will accommodate pretty much any wire, even multi-strands like twisted and clapton coils. We used this with two 24 guage Kanthal A1 coils, each at about 0.6 ohms. The total build ended up at 0.29 ohms. Running the mod anywhere between 37 watts and 60 watts was perfect with no spit back and total satisfaction in the vape.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

I've used quite a few dripper atomizers. My two favorites are deep well versions (the 13 Heavens 9 Hells and the Twisted Messes). They still are at the top of the list, but easily replaced with the Steam Crave v-RDA filling the top spot. There is no doubt in my mind this has to be in your vape kit. One aspect of dripping that isn't that desirable is all the juice that ends up just about everwhere when you drip. You get it all over your hands, the outside of the tank, the top of your mod and spit back when you inhale. I get a chuckle watching video reviews of drippers, you can see juice everywhere. It's not the same with the Steam Crave v-RDA. I don't even carry any wipes with me anymore ... there's just no leaking. There are no side air flow holes, so you can tilt this while you vape. Even extreme tilting has no juice leaks anywhere. The O-Rings are perfectly sized, you can even pick up your entire mod by grabbing the tank and lifting. No need to take off the tank to see how much juice you have left – you can easily get a ton of juice in the tank without leaks. For a dripper, this is perfection. For a vaper, this is a must-have. Kudos to Steam Crave for an incredibly effective and functional design. It's well implemented, and well built.

What’s in the box?

  • Steam Crave v-RDA with glass body
  • Spare etched Stainless Steel body (color matched)
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Squonk compatible bottom feed pin
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Spare grub screws and Allen Key