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Tobeco Magma from Canvape

The Tobeco Magma rebuildable dripping atomizer comes packaged in a very spartan type of box. Included is a small flat screw driver and a bag of spare silicone seals, wicking material and a small amount of high guage wire (32 AWG, I believe). There is no drip tip included in the box.

It is available in two colors: a polished stainless steel and black. Both are made of stainless steel.

The top cap is threaded. The cap has a secondary function: it retains the rotating air flow ring in place once you select the right size hole. To change the air flow, all you have to do is loosen the cap slightly, rotate the air flow ring to its new position and tighten the cap to lock the air flow ring in place. This is a two post dripper with air flow channels in two spots for a dual coil setup. Two sets of holes in the air flow ring match a hole on each side of the base. Notice in the picture at the right that the 510 connector pin is adjustable. It is also made of stainless steel.

I didn't measure the liquid well in this, the shape of the well is in an '8' type configuration and wouldn't be an indication of how much liquid it will hold. In practice, I was able to use about 0.4 ml of liquid with a fill up.

The posts have large holes for passing through even the largest twisted pairs of coils and are retained by a flat headed screw. there is plenty of space to work (as you can see at the left). I usually use a fair amount of cotton for wicking ... if you tuck the wicks from each side of the coil around the outside of the posts and into the liquid well, it wicks perfectly. There is a white non-conductive platform in the very center of the coil base and it helps distribute your eLiquid evenly to each set of wicks.

The air flow is not bad, but I can see that some that enjoy wide open air flow may want to drill this out. You can see the diameter of the largest air flow hole facing the front on the air flow ring in the picture above. There is one on each side of the air flow ring. You can also see the raised platform of the coil base has a smaller hole ... that's the one some may want to drill out.

The finish and quality of this clone is good. The threads on the cap are not quite as buttery smooth as I would like, but they are functional with no roughness or drag. Note that the clone has laser etching on the cap to match the original.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? This sells for under $25 and has a good liquid capacity. It is machined well, and built well. The air flow is better than most and adjustable. I personally do not like fixed holes – if you feel like a tighter draw so that you can use higher strength eLiquid or just feel like less air flow, you have to change drippers. With an adjustable air flow ring, you can get reasonable air flow and have greater flexibility in your choice of vape at any give time. With flat screw heads, though, you have to carry around another screw driver – I would have preferred to see a cross cut on the screw head giving you the choice of using a flat or philips head screw. Despite all of that, I'd recommend this as a general purpose dripper.