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Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA)

Rebuildable tank atomizers are essentially available in two distinct types.

The first on the scene was the "Genesis" style tanks that relied on mesh style wick to get liquid from a bottom tank to an atomizer coil above.  As you can see at the right, the mesh extends from the bottom through a hole in the coil base at the top, and the coil is wrapped around the mesh. 

The device at the right is called a Cobra ... it is one of the first rebuildables that I tried.

If you look closely at the coil base, you will see a small set screw at the right of the positive power post. That requires a hex key to unscrew so that you can fill the tank below with eLiquid.

Next on the scene is the vacuum type system popularized by the Kayfun atomizer as shown on the left.

Most notable about this is that the coil is at the bottom (obstructed in the picture by a chimney) and the eLiquid sits around it and above.

The vacuum type systems offered several other advantages:

  • Sealed so that you could lay them down (even upside down) without eLiquid leaks. 
  • Wide possibility of coil builds from single coils to twisted coils (effectively producing a dual coil).
  • Tank sizes were considerably larger.
  • Filling eLiquid much simplified with many being top loading.

As you can see at the right, working on these was somewhat simplified. Building a coil meant wrapping around an object away from the power source and of various sizes. You were no longer limited to the diameter of the mesh coil, but could wrap as large or small as you wanted. The smaller diameter, of course, is for a much lower resistance coil.

The rebuildable community is still divided on these two technologies with followers of each type.