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Ehpro Squape from Canvape

The Ehpro Squape is as close a faithful representation as the real thing ... actually, it might even be better.

My thanks to for providing this for review. I am absolutely thrilled with it. The machining is excellent, airflow is outstanding, threads are buttery smooth, and it the tank is glass. I'm back to vaping my favorite eLiquid (a mix of Spearmint and Wintergreen that has melted other plastic tanks).

Capacity of the Ehpro Squape is 5.2 ml. That's enough eLiquid to last a long long time. Days. 

Included in the Ehpro gift box is:

  • The Ehpro Squape in a brushed stainless steel finish, with glass tank
  • Stainless steel drip tip
  • Spare O Rings
  • Hex Key
  • Enough Silica Wick to build about four coils
  • Enough Coil wire to build about four coils

The Squape is an excellent atomizer for experienced vapers ... but it really shines for someone wanting to start out with rebuildables. The coil base and chimeny are both made of aluminum and coated in a non-conductive material. Even if you make a mistake and have the coil wires touching the base (or the chimney) the Squape will not short out and damage your battery.

As you can see at the left, the base and chimney are a slightly different color. That is the non-ductive coating. The other advantage to this is that these parts are aluminum which reduce the overall weight of the atomizer. 

Making your own coil is fairly easy. Putting it in the Ehpro Squape is incredibly easy. 

As you can see at the right, the coil base (far right) has two screws. These are simple to work either with your fingers or a flat screw driver. 

What you do is wrap your coil using a round pointed toothpick. A toothpick is 0.9 mm (that's smaller than the ideal 5/64ths drill bit), but is also non-conductive. With the coil still on the toothpick, lay the toothpick across the channel between the two screws. Take one leg of the coil you just built, and put it on one post, put the other leg on the other post and tighten. Wiggle the toothpick loose and cut off any extra wire from around the posts. Now just add your cotton, making sure it lays into the channels. In the picture you can see the center of the coil base has a hole in it, you want to avoid eLiquid having a straight path to that air flow hole. By putting your cotton wick into the channel, you effectively block that straight path and get the eLiquid wicking into the coil. On the Squape, I overhang the wick just slightly below the edge by 1/16th inch. That seems to work perfectly to wick the eLiquid up the rest of the channel when you draw.

You can test it by pulsing the fire button on your battery. If you have a regulated advanced atomizer, you can put it on there to get a measure of the resistance (ohms) of the coil. Mine usually come out around 1.2 ohms or a bit higher. I prefer it at that resistance so that I can use it on mechanical mods and advanced personal vaporizers. 

With this build, however, I decided to try something different. carries pre-wrapped coils in a package of 10. The one at the left is the one I decided to try out. It is advertised as 0.8  ohm Kanthal coil A. I got a package of these with the Ehpro Squape to get a sense of what these pre-wrapped coils are like. I had to "unwrap" it a bit to get it to fit into the center well of the Squape coil base and it ended up at 0.5 ohms. When I test fired it, it glowed beautifully right from the first pulse. These are nice coils, cheap, perfectly made – and sub-ohm'ing without the hassles of wrapping your own. Canvape also has pre-made coils up to 1.8 ohm resistance. Just about every need is covered.

If you have avoided rebuildables in the past, this Ehpro Squape and some pre-made coils just might be for you. You  get the advantages: incredible taste from your eLiquid; long-lasting coils (rebuildable coils can last 2 to 3 months compared to screw in coils on clearomizers that last 2 to 3 weeks); lower prices; and, tremendous satisfaction making your own (even with the pre-wrapped coils).

The Ehpro Squape dimensions are identical to the one I previously reviewed (HCigar Squape). They even have a quite similar, almost identical, look to them. The Ehpro Squape, however, is a much better build and quite a bit better value. Here's the differences. The HCigar Squape has one small air hole in the 510 connector and it's off-center from the single air flow slot in the base. The Ehpro Squape has two air holes, on on either side of the 510 connector and they are about twice the size ... they are also perfectly aligned with the two air flow slots in the base. Now, the alignment issue isn't a bit deal ... it just shows better attention to detail and higher quality. Both have copper 510 pins that are adjustable. The Ehpro has a much better quality knurled area at the bottom of the atomizer, though, must better.

As you read above, the coil ended up being 0.5 ohms ... that's sub-ohming. I wasn't able to use this with my standard test and review equipment. So, I tested it with two new mechanical mods we just received. The first one is the Tobeco V3 Flip (an 18500/18650 mechanical mod) and the second is the Tobeco gold/silver colored 26650 mechanical mod. This Ehpro Squape is just awesome. I am thrilled that it has a glass tank and is so easy to work with. Refilling with eLiquid can't get any easier. You remove the drip tip (that's stainless steel, by the way – and has two O rings at the bottom – it sits nicely and firmly in place) and flip the Squape over. Unscrew the base and set the coil base aside. Fill the eLiquid up along the side of the tank using any bottle you want. The area between the chimney and the side of the tank look quite narrow, but even the thickest eLiquid flows nicely down the side. You can easily tell when there is enough eLiquid if the tank is on a slight angle when filling. When you are done, set the tank (still upside down) on a level surface. Have a glance at the coil and wick, if they need any "tweaking", now is the time to do it. You can even rebuild your coil and wick if needed all while eLiquid is still in the tank. Replace the coil base on the tank, re-insert the drip tip and you are all set to vape again. It just can't get any easier.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Darn straight it is. This may not be the original one, but Ehpro put this representation together nicely. Build quality is excellent, air flow is good (it may need a bit of tweaking for someone wanting a deep lung draw). As I mentioned when I first started this review, this may be better than the original. Ehpro packaged this with a glass tank. You can use this with any eLiquid without worry of cracking or melting from even the strongest eLiquid. 

My thanks to for making this available. They sell the Ehpro Squape for $39.95. While you are on their site, have a look at the pre-wound coils. The link is to the identical ones I received – 10 for $4.95. 

Update: The stainless steel used in the Ehpro Squape is 304 Stainless Steel. The seals are all medical grade silicone (according to Ehpro).