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AGA T5 from Canvape

We previously reviewed the Youde UD Aga T7 and found it to be among the top three or four rebuildable atomizers. Flavor rendition is incredible. The T7 is a dual coil system and a highly polished stainless steel.

The Youde UD Aga T5 is a single coil system, more in line with the Kayfun style tanks. But it is an awful lot better looking. Highly polished stainless steel meets some highly polished gold tones. 

The other defining characteristic of the T5 is a far more functional air flow control system that is also clad in gold tones.

There's also a copper 510 connector that is fully adjustable. 

The design of the T5 is slightly different than the T7. 

At the left you can see my build, it is an 0.7 ohm setup, and like the T7 requires a fair amont of cotton on the coil deck to prevent gurgling and leaking – although, the T5 is far easier to control. That's a 26 AWG gauge coil by the way with an 8/9 wrap.

You can also see the air flow ring. This air flow ring is much smoother than the T7 ... with the T7 it was easy to press the wrong part of the air flow ring and get it slightly out of shape making it harder to turn. With the T5 it is a perfect fit that glides smoothly, yet remains in place firmly.

All of the threads are buttery smooth. 

As you can see at the right, this is one incredibly attractive tank system. The gold tones add a nice dimension to the overall look. The top, by the way, slides on and off, it is not threaded. It is held in place firmly with dual O rings. It is a top-filling tank that requires (like the T7) a hex wrench to get a small set screw out – and you need to use a needle filler (syringe or needle bottle) to fill. I'm not fond of this, it's easy to drop the set screw into the air flow chamber. But, the flavor is so good and the vapor so generous that it makes this little glitch worth while.

The tank is glass, another bonus!

While looking at the picture at the right, also note the adjustable brass 510 connector pin: it's adjustable and a real bonus.

Like all Youde UD IGO and AGA atomizers, there is no drip tip included in the box. There is an assortment of O rings and spare parts though. 

Since this was an 0.7 ohm coil, I was able to use it on a regulated mod (actually, my IPV 2 as shown). The gold tones and highly polished stainless steel are an excellent look on my all-black IPV 2.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? I rated the AGA T7 as one of the top four tanks that contend for top spot surpassing the Kayfun. I'll rate the AGA T5 sligtly higher, despite it being a single coil setup. It's easy to work on with Philips head screws,