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Fogger V5

I liked the Fogger V4 and the improvements in the Fogger V4.1. Both are great clones, and worth having as long as the price is under $20. The Fogger V5 excites a bit more. The feature set move it into nearly a must-have category: top loading with a vent hole, dual coil and dual air flow. Three enticing features, plus it is a glass tank system. There is a fourth feature, a spring loaded pin system to retain the coil legs – when I first read about this, I wasn't sure it would really be a "feature".

I have a number of black batteries and wanted a black atomizer to color match. The Fogger V5, as a clone, is available in a variety of colors. Mainly brushed chome and black ... I chose a black unit as show at the top right. By the time I ordered this, my hand tremors were less predictable and I hoped the spring loaded pin retaining system worked well, it would help.

The unit I picked on the website was the most expensive and complete of the two different versions available. The lower priced one seemed to have more spares, but I also expected the lower price meant lower quality. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The unit I received is horribly described and as close to a scam as you can get. For example, the spring loaded pins on the original and other clones is nothing more than a solid piece of metal with threading and no knurling to hand twist, no slot for a screw driver. It is designed to make it look like the original with none of the functionality – and there are no spare screws as shown in the picture to replace the imitation spring pins. The holes in the coil pins are drilled out, but not cleaned – you end up with metal shards that cut the coil legs. The unit is so rife with machining oil that cleaning this tank three times with soap and boiling water and rinsing three times with white vinegar still does not remove all the machining oil. Assembly is just as bad. When I tore this apart to clean it, I noticed that none of the positive or negative connection points were properly tightened.

I set the unit aside and basically accepted that I had been scammed with a promise to myself to read descriptions and look at the pictures more closely – and take screen shots.

While doing research to order a better clone, I ran into several forums from others that had been similarly scammed. One suggested a fix: the screws from the Squape R clone were the same size, thread pattern, and height. They worked for someone else, and I just happened to have a spares kit from a Squape R clone with three spare screws in it. Eureka – and it worked. The only aspect that needed slight modification is that the top of the Squape R clone screws are not rounded at the top and short out on the top chimney cap of the Fogger V5 ... a bit of filing fixed that.

I had to clean the Fogger V5 clone five times to get the machining oil out of the unit before using it. And it was worth it just for the top loading feature of the Fogger V5.

Here's the enhancements with the Fogger V5:

  • deck change for easier builds
  • top filling instead of bottom filling
  • rubber stopper behind the airflow ring to keep it from moving so easily
  • 4 juice channels
  • dual coil capability
  • completely made of stainless steel with a glass tank
  • contact pin is made out of copper for minimum voltage drop – pin is also adjustable so it can sit flush with many of your devices
  • can hold up to about 5ml of liquid as well

A great improvement is the newtop fill hole. Simply remove the top cap and fill! No need to remove the entire tank from your mod. There is even a vent hole so that you don't end up with liquid "sealing" the hole and leaking out. Upgraded airflow control to improve on issues with previous versions. The Fogger V5 is a good addition to your collection. (note, the picture at the right is NOT the unit I received, this is a much higher end version).

Even the sub-standard unit I received had good quality stainless steel, glass, and seals. The threading was good and smooth.

I built two 0.6 ohm coils to use on the base. The base itself is easier to work with that previous Fogger versions ... it's close to the 4.1 though in ease of building. The liquid channels are better defined and cleaner. The only real consideration is making sure that the coils are close enough to the power posts so that they do not touch the air flow chimney covering. Wicking is simpler too. All I had to do was make sure that the wicks reached the bottom of the vertical channel.

The screws that I used to replace the imitation push pins were not designed for the top part of the air flow chimney. They actually touch the top part threading and short out. I modified the screws a bit – expected with parts that are not from the actual set. A reasonable compromise, though.

Once I had the short fixed, my meter showed the overall build at 0.28 ohms – and confirmed at that resistance when I put it on my black Cloupor. Even though this has a copper adjustable pin, the power to the coil has a noticeable lag at this resistance and under 30 watts setting. At 40 watts and 0.28 ohm, it's still only pulling 3.3 volts – and no lag time. For sub-ohm use, you will have to kick up the watts to get a satisfying vape from the Fogger V5 – and it's quite satisfying (even at 30 watts, 2.8 volts and 0.28 ohms).

The Fogger V5 provides a warmer than usual experience, even with the coils pushed further away from the air flow channels. I had purposely shifted them further away to get a cooler vape – still got a warmer vape than I like.

There is no doubt that I prefer convenience in atomizers. There is a cost to that though, with pre-made coils costing considerably more than coils you can make yourself. Pre-made coils also have an inherent limitation: they don't last long. With coils you build yourself using quality wicking material, you can get twice the life at a dramatically lower cost. And, you can build to your own tastes. Like extreme flavor? Use thicker guage wire that provide more wire in contact with your eLiquid. LIke huge clouds? Use shorter wraps with thick wire. LIke an average vape? Use thinner wire. Low cost? Use silica wicking material ... the variables are endless once you learn how to wrap your own coils.

In that regard, the Fogger V5 is one of the simplest and most convenient RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) available with a sealed tank that just doesn't leak or gurgle and is really simple to fill. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? In the case of the Fogger V5, I am seeking out an authentic now. The value in this Fogger V5 is clearly there. Now I want the real thing – it's a good design that offers convenience, ease of use, ease of build, ease of wicking, and a capacity that makes it all come together into a worthwhile package. I encourage you to get a decent clone and try it yourself ... then go ahead and buy the real thing.