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GeekVape Griffin 25

We have previously reviewed the GeekVape Griffin (22 mm) here.

There are two separate products covered in this review. The one at the top right is the new GeekVape Griffin 25.

Compare it with the picture just below it, the GeekVape Griffin 25 Top Air Flow.

You can see the difference at the base of the drip tip, where the second image has an extra 'stepped' area that is the top air flow adjustment ring.

There are only a few minor differences between the two models, so let me get those out of the way immediately. The first is the air flow ring at the top. It connects through the air chimney to access air generated by the lower air flow channels. The air chimney is different in the top air flow version, it has an outer chimney and an inner chimney. The gap between the two is the air flow going from the lower base to the top air flow channels. If you close off the base air flow, there is very limited air flow sourced from the top air flow channels.

This feature is really for those wanting extreme air flow. The downside of this feature is that the top air flow section has no silicone seal ... if the tank is laying sideways or turned upside down, juice will eventually leak out. The top air flow version is not a leak-proof design.

You can see the "cut out" on the left showing the air flow from the top, through to the air flow channels in the base. And before there are comments on this, we are aware that the top is supposed to be for air flow cascading over the coils from the top ... in practice, it doesn't quite work that well with great restrictions when the base air flow is shut off.

Now, we'll focus on the Griffin 25, the 6.2 ML version of the outstanding GeekVape Griffin. Of all the RTAs we have tested, the GeekVape Griffin is the only RTA that did not leak. Since that review, several other RTAs also have joined the list of excellent RTAs that are leak-free if properly wicked. Those are the OBS Crius, and the Steam Crave Aromamizer. All three are excellent tanks, excellent designs, quality builds with quality materials.

The GeekVape Griffin is an exceptional design that has been carried through to the Griffin 25. They look alike, just the Griffin 25 is "bigger" ... it has a 6.2 ML capacity, compared to 3.5 ML capacity in the original version. Nearly double the capacity, and 3 mm larger diameter, and nearly identical height.

The build deck looks similar. Actually, the velocity style coil leg posts are spaced apart exactly the same and the posts are identical size with identical holes and grub screws.

That's the only simiilarity. None of the parts are interchangeable between the 22mm and 25mm versions. The coil build strategies would work equally well on the two versions, though.

In terms of packaging, the Griffin 25 now includes a plug so that you can build single coils. Put a single coil on one side, and block off the other side with an air flow pass-through that effectively blocks off the liquid flow.

This build deck is a dream to work on. You can see the post holes – they are a massive 2 mm and will accommodate just about any coil setup you can make.

As we expected, the top air flow unit leaked when we put the tank down on its side. It wasn't immediate, but over about a 15 minute period, we lost quite a bit of juice out of the top air flow channels. We did expect this ... as pointed out above, the top air flow does not have any sealing to prevent juice from flowing out. The regular unit, though, was again leak-free.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Despite a massive increase in juice capacity from 3.5 ml to 6.2 ml, and larger liquid flow channels ... the regular GeekVape Griffin 25 held its contents with absolutely no hint of a leak at any time. Upside down or laying on its side, this is one well designed tank system that rivals not only dripper atomizers for flavor and cloud generation, but rivals convenience tanks with a leak proof design. It's just the perfect tank for those that like to make their own coils and know exactly what went into the build and wicking. And, kudos to the GeekVape packaging department. The tank was well cleaned with absolutely no build artifacts or any rough edges. A must have.

What’s in the box?

  • GeekVape Griffin 25 RTA Tank
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Replacement Glass Tube
  • Spare parts bag
  • Allen key
  • Ceramic block
  • User instructions