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Tobeco 28.5 Kayfun from Canvape

With a diameter of 28.5 mm (1.12 in.), the giant Tobeco 28.5 Kayfun is a perfect match for the Hades 26650 mechanical mod. At the left, I am  holding it in my hand, mounted on a chrome Hades. Finally, an atomizer that sits flush with the top of the Hades.

The specs for this are at the bottom of the page, but just look at the picture – it's HUGE. And it holds a HUGE amount of eLiquid, 10 ml to be exact. To some, that is one week of vaping. 

This Giant Kayfun comes boxes as shown at the right. It is entirely brushed stainless steel. There are two small screwdrivers (one flat, one phillips), four pre-wound coils with wicks, some spare screws and spare O rings. There are no spare tanks with this larger version Kayfun.

From the get-go, let's be clear: if you like the Kayfun (and who doesn't), you will be instantly familiar with this device. Other than the larger size and larger capacity, the coil base is identical. The chimney is identical (other than a taller stack). And the airflow is identical to the Kayfun Lite version. About the only noticeable difference is the drip tip. On most Kayfun clones, you have a choice between the screw in type drip tip or an adapter where you can use any 510 style drip tip. With this Tobeco 28.5 mm Kayfun, there is only one type of drip tip you can use, that is the 510 style drip tip. The drip tip included with this unit looks very nice, though.

Sitting atop the Hades, this makes for one sleek looking system. 

I used a pre-wound coil (0.8 ohms) to try this out quickly. After setting it up and wicking, I made a huge mistake. I filled this from the top and ended up gurgling instead of vaping. I am more used to the Kayfun 3.1 style of filling. With the Kayfun Lite style, the only way to properly fill these without creating a vacuum problem is through the bottom screw hole. Fill it through the top and when you screw the stainless steel cap back on, you are pushing the eLiquid into the air flow ... no amount of trying to fix this without draining the tank works either. I've found that out with other Kayfuns. The only way to stop gurgling is to drain the tank, take it apart, and clean it out. This giant Kayfun is the same. It should also be mentioned that you should not fill these with plastic tip bottles either. That is for the same reason as not filling in from the top. If you form a seal around the filler hole, there is no way for air to escape and will push the eLiquid through the air flow. These tanks are great ... but you need to be mindful of the way air/vaccuum works to get eLiquid to the coils can also create leaking and gurgling problems. You need to fill these from the bottom with a needle tip (syringe, or small needle tip bottle).

The air flow adjustment on this is quite good. I like a tight draw, and it's easy to set up that way on this Kayfun. Those that prefer a large air flow might want to remove the threaded screw completely though. There is only one hole on the bottom of this tank, that is for the air flow. The adjustment is on the bottom of the base – with the supplied small flat screwdriver, it is easy to adjust. Those, like me, that like a tight draw will be a bit concerned about tightening the screw ... it does go in quite deep. You almost get the sense that the screw will fall out somewhere inside there (I didn't test it to the limit though).

The threading on this Tobeco 28.5 Kayfun is smooth. Once the parts are tightened, they are tight and tough to take apart. I'd suggest that once you have it assembled, you only remove the very top portion. Leave the three middle sections threaded together, just separate that from the bottom portion to work on the coil or wicking.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it? You just can't go wrong with a Kayfun. There are a steady go-to atomizer that is easy to work on, easy to coil, and easy to wick. You know what you get and it meets expectations. There simply are no other atomizers that offer this range of flexibility and ease of use. The Tobeco 28.5 Kayfun (the giant, I call it), is no exception. has this in stock at $44.95 on their website. While you are there, check out the Hades. They have different color versions ranging from the Chrome that I reviewed to rainbow, golden brass and black. I also used this on the new Golden Brass 26650 Stingray. It looks great on that mod too.

Note: the warning about polycarbonate tank at the bottom of the specs is not applicable to this Tobeco 28.5 Kayfun. It's entirely stainless steel and has to clear tank portion.

Update 1: After using this for a bit more than one day, I had a bit of leaking through the air flow channel. I emptied the eLiquid and took it all apart. The problem is that the chimney is quite small for a tank this size. The organic cotton wick that I thought I had tucked in properly around the liquid channels was not in place properly. Using the same cotton wicks, I positioned them in the right place, re-assembled and re-filled. End result: no more leaking and a good vape. The coil is still showing 0.8 ohms and is creating tons of vapor. This does need a larger chimney though ... I'd suggest that Tobeco increase the size of that in the next iteration. By the way, taking this apart is a breeze. The three center sections are all brushed stainless steel, I didn't even separate them, they came off as one single piece.

Update 2: After several days, the leaking continues. I took it apart and tried a bit more cotton wicking material around the upper base of the coil. My efforts are perhaps a bit too much, the eLiquid isn't flowing as nicely. This is one tough atomizer to get the wicking right.