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Youde (UD) Bellus

Youde make some very fine products. They are well engineered and well built with great materials.

The UD Bellus is well packaged and includes spare borosilicate glass tank, wicking material and a spares bag that includes O-Rings, seals, screws, sample coils. I was pleased to see that Youde saved themselves a few pennies and omitted the standard mini screwdriver. Typically the head strips off after only a few uses anyhow. If you are going to invest in a tank system like this, better to get yourself a quality screwdriver.

We received the black unit shown at the left for testing and review.

Before we get too far into this, you need to thoroughly clean out this tank when you receive it. The smell of machining oil was quite heavy on opening the package. We cleaned it out with a heavy degreasing solution and rinsed it out at least five times, four of them in boiling water.

That being said, it's the only "gotcha" with this tank. Every thread is absolutely buttery smooth. When we cleaned out the unit, we dried it out with paper towels and tissues ... not one snag on any part of the tank at all. That's quite surprising, the workmanship in this tank is superb!

All the seals are silicone. It's a glass tank and the entire package is quite attractive. It is well designed and smaller than other tanks with less juice capacity.

The image at the right shows the bottom portion of the tank. It's taken directly from the Youde site, and shows the 510 connector – it's gold plated.

The air flow is moderate. If you lung hit exclusively, this tank is not for you. Despite the 36 air flow holes in the side (you can see those to the left of the Bellus logo on the tank), the air flow is more suited to someone that mouth hits and starting to get into a bit of lung hits.

Juice capacity is an outstanding 5 ML. For most that will mean at least two full days of vaping between refills.

And, refilling is quite simple too.

This is also an image from the Youde site. It shows the top threaded off the tank. That huge red part is the silicone seal that seals the liquid into the tank when threaded onto the tank.

It works well, never had a leak with this at all. The holes to fill the juice are sized like the mini tips on most juice bottles. Glass eye droppers aren't going to work with this tank, though.

I also want to point out the air flow chimney that is visible in the picture. That is in a concave section of the fill area ... if you miss getting the juice into the filler holes, it will flow down that concave area and right into the air flow chimney. Now, that isn't as bad as on a clearomizer ... if it is just a small drop or two, all you will get is a bit of extra juice on your coils.

There aren't many parts to worry about on this tank. It's absolutely a breeze to take apart and clean out. You can see the parts at the right. That's it, no need for a degree to reassemble.

Where this gets very interesting  is that not only it is an ideal tank for someone considering starting to lung hit and wants the advantage of also mouth hits ... this is a full rebuildable tank system.

And, it's very easy to build.

You can build a single coil or dual coil on this deck. The post holes are 1.75 mm each (will work with some twisted coils, individual wires, but not likely Clapton coils).

If you decide to use a single coil, you can likely get away with a larger post such as on a Clapton. One of the parts in the "spares" bag is a block that you can use on one side of the coil that still provides air flow, but prevents liquid from overflowing when using only one coil.

The liquid channels are nicely sized and it's fairly simple to wick. I always encourage builders to get their wick to the bottom of the deck ... just don't get too much into the lower channels. When you put the top back on, you do not want the cotton compressed, that will just block or limit liquid flow.

For the tests and review, I built a two coil version. Each coil is about 1.0 ohms and I ended up shortening the legs as much as I could to get a final reading of 0.48 ohms.

The flavor generated is absolutely excellent. Just a dream to vape. Cloud generation is moderate ... better than most clearomizers but not in the class of a dripper.

I was able to get a very good vape from this starting at 20 watts and all the way to 45 watts. Ideal for the target market.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

I really like this tank. It's a good strategy to replace a clearomizer and get extreme flavor and good clouds – without the huge expense of some of the coil prices these days. Come on, $23. for four coils? Build your own with the best materials and the best organic cotton and you are under $1 a coil. And a DIY coil lasts longer, can be cleaned out and re-wicked. Can do a flavor change very easily. So do I recommend this? You bet I do. This is great value!

What’s in the box?

  • UD Bellus tank
  • Spare glass tank
  • Organic Cotton wicking material
  • Spares bag with O Rings, seals, two screws, and two sample coils