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Yi Loong Fogger 4.1 from Canvape

Finally, after much anticipation to test the Fogger, we received the Yi Loong Fogger V4.1. A very nice brushed stainless steel version with a glass tank in excellent packaging.

The package includes spare parts, screw driver mounted on a key ring, extra screw, coil wire and wicks – all you need (except juice) to build your first coil and likely three or four more too.

The appeal to the Fogger is word-of-mouth that rates this extremely high for flavor, throat-hit and vapor production.

I am quite impressed. 

The air flow tank, similar to a Kayfun, is quite large and allows for excellent air flowing over the coils to capture every bit of flavor from the coil.

The Fogger 4.1 is a distinct improvement over the Fogger 4.0. From the exterior, the changes are not noticeable. Take it apart to build your coil, though, and you'll notice improvements:

  • The center power block has a non-conductive material under the entire length of the block
  • The juice channels are deep and well machined
  • The Philips head screws are better machined and much easier to work 
  • The threads are buttery smooth – incredibly smooth

The only exterior change that is not visible is the air flow ring. It is much smoother threading than previous versions. The air flow is quite good – but some might want to modify the air flow ring to provide a bit more air flow. That doesn't involve drilling, but sanding down the edge to allow more of the air flow holes to be opened up.

Filling the tank with eLiquid is similar to a Kayfun Lite. There is a Philips head screw at the bottom of the tank. You invert the Fogger 4.1, remove the screw, and fill with a small bottle drip tip. A needle bottle is not necessary, the smaller tip on plastic bottles is adequate. If you have a glass eLiquid bottle with eye dropper, you'll need a blunt needle syringe or a needle bottle. This process of filling by inverting the tank is great, by the way. These tanks operate on a vacuum process and by inverting the bottle there is no way of getting the coils to end up over saturated with juice. Once you finish filling, replace the Philips screw and turn the tank back to its normal position. No leaking, no gurgling.

The 510 connector also has very smooth threads. A nice bonus is the adjustable copper center pin – copper means that you also have low resistance with minimal lag or power loss.

The Fogger 4.1 has design rings at the top and the logo recessed in the top portion of the tank. Other than that, it is spartan looking with a brushed stainless steel finish. It comes with a matching drip tip, also brushed stainless steel with a rounded edge. It is quite comfortable to use and remains in place with a silicone O ring.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Well, let me put it this way. I previously had five tanks that surpass the Kayfun in quality, ease of use, and feature glass tanks. I now add this as the sixth tank that surpasses the Kayfun. I won't use the Kayfun anymore without the add-on glass tank, so to have six other choices that are better quality, safer to use and vape is outstanding. The Fogger 4.1 is every bit worth the money. It's easy to build, easy to work on, and very high quality.