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Aga T7 Wick Fence & Coil

My thanks to Graham on Facebook for requesting some photos of the Wick Fence and Coil setup on the UD Aga T7. I took the opportunity to do that so I could take pictures, but I also wanted to build a higher resistance coil and change flavors.

As promised, here's the picture (at right) of the original review setup. This is after vaping for about 30 hours or so. You can see the organic cotton wick fence, it wraps around the outside perimeter of the coil base.

Here's a picture (on the left) of coils and cotton wicking all removed. I was not planning on reusing the coils and was not that careful in removing them.

You can see from the amount of cotton wick to the right of the coil base that this uses a lot of cotton to build the fence. The two cotton pieces with brown in the center are from the coils, the oval shaped piece is from the perimeter and formed the wick fence. While you are looking at this picture, note the air flow tube in the center. It is not very high and that is what we are trying to protect with a wick fence.

Above is a picture of the coil base where I am just getting ready to add cotton for the wick fence. You can see the amout of organic cotton material I plan on using.

The first step is to build the coils. I am sticking with the criss-cross version. For this build, I used Kanthal 32 AWG (no twist this time) in a 9/10 wrap.

Pulse firing this showed a nice looking glow from the center outwards on both coils, with both coils glowing at the same rate. 

When I tested this on an ohm meter, it turned out to be a 1.7 ohm resistance setup. Exactly what I was looking for so that I could use this on regulated devices as well as mechanical mods.

This is a picture of the cotton wick fence. It's not the greatest picture in the world to see the coils, but you can get a hint of what they look like. When I put the cotton in, I used a pointed toothpick to tuck the cotton around the perimeter of the coil base. When I do this, I try to avoid compressing the cotton too much, it still needs to act as a wick.

This is a picture of the cotton wick inserted into the lower coil. I just pulled it enough so that the one end was just past the coil base perimeter. The other end gets trimmed the same on the other end. Note that both ends are in line with the liquid channel (those look like "dimples" in the perimeter of the coil base).

This is still the lower coil showing the cotton wick cut just a tiny bit longer than the edge of the coil base, then tucked in slightly to where the liquid channel is.

This is the top coil with a cotton wick inserted. Notice that I extended that well past the perimeter ... this wick has to be longer than the bottom because the power posts stick up higher and they are a bit further from the cotton wick fence. I want to make sure this top coil can get liquid easily ... this is not the point to try to save a penny by making these shorter. After this picture was taken, I lowered the cotton so that it touched the perimeter of the coil base and cut it about 1/16th of inch longer, then tucked both in where the liquid channel is.

This is the final picture showing the top coil wick trimmed and tucked into the liquid channel area. 

I haven't primed this at this point, I just wanted to show that there is considerable amount of cotton, most of it in building the cotton wick fence that goes around the perimeter of the coil base. That also acts as the prime wick delivering liquid to the coil wicks.

The next step is to prime this with the eLiquid you want to use. I decided to spend some more time with a new eLiquid "Xtreme VG" from a new supplier. They plan on launching this line of 100% VG eLiquid somewhere around the end of July 2014. I used their "Sweet Dragonfruit". This is exceptional eLiquid that breaks all the rules for 100% Vegetable Glycerin based eLiquids. The taste is incredible with an awesome throat hit. I put this eLiquid on all the cotton and made sure that the coils had a fair amount too. I was cautious to get some on the lower coil too ... it's easy to overlook with a dual coil criss-cross setup.

After re-assembling the UD Aga T7, I threaded it on my E LVT and fired it up. Gheez ... this is awesome. It's incredible. All that comes to mind is the Jerry Lee Lewis song: "Shaking all over" ... just an awesome tank. Read the original review: this is better flavor than the Kayfun, better throat hit, air flow that works and gives a ton of air. If you are comfortable with rebuidables, this is for you. If you are new to rebuildables, this is not the tank to start with. Get familiar with rebuildables, building coils, get used to the vacuum system (don't get a genesis style tank, those work on the principle of gravity and leak if laid down sideways), get used to how to wick a coil ... and after that get a UD Aga T7. It's a great upgrade and probably the best flavor and throat hit from any tank available. (I'm not comparing this to a dripper atomizer, but to tank systems).