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Atom gClapton Coils

Canvape sent these to us for testing and review. A great recommendation on their part, these coils are incredible.

The flavor from these is remarkable, absolutely remarkable.

These are Clapton style coils and are designed for temperature control mods. They are Ni200 and the resistance available is your choice of 0.15, 0.25, and 0.5 ohms. Atom feature these as "gClapton". 

Clad in 24 ct gold, the power transfer from the batteries through to the coils using a gold plated negative contact is brilliant. Press the fire button and the coil starts to heat instantly. 

You can see the seals on each coil at the right ... these seal perfectly.

Canvape sent us the 0.15 ohm resistance coils. Not only is the flavor absolutely remarkable, these generate excellent clouds. You can see the liquid flow holes to the organic cotton wicks ... absolutely massive. 

There are four coils in each box (left) and each coil is in separate sealed sac.

I was impressed with the build quality and sealing on these coils. 

Even the top (where most coils have a small screen laying over the cotton) has a gold plated retainer firmly in place. This does make it a bit more difficult to prime, but also helps with longevity of these coils. By that, I mean that the solid gold plated retainer makes it a tad more difficult to get vapor liquid onto the wicks from the top ... priming was actually simpler overall and took only about ten draws (vapes) to get a thoroughly satisfying vape. I managed to prime using a bit of vapor liquid on the top and through the side wick holes.

Wide Compatibility.

Canvape have three different sets of these Atom coils.

The Atom Kanger Coils are compatible with Kanger Subtank Mini, Subtank Nano and Subtank Plus tanks.

The Atom Arctic Coils are compatible with all Arctic tanks.

The Atom Aspire Coils are compatible with Aspire Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Atlantis Mega, Aspire Triton, Freemax and Herakles tanks.

... and you would get the same vape experience if using the Atom coil across different brand tanks. 

So, what's the verdict? Are these worth it?

Canvape sell these coils for $19.95. That works out to a bit less than $5 for each coil. Quite expensive, you would think by just looking at the selling price. I look at this a bit differently. For example, I have used the Aspire Ni200 coils and find them absolutely horrid. They have poor air flow (look down the center and you'll see why – the air flow chimney through the center of the vertical coils is way too small) and just don't last. At best, an Aspire Ni200 coil will last about one week – and most of the time, I was barely able to get more than three days with the Aspire Ni200 coils. These are available at a unit cost of about $2 each coil. The Atom gClapton coils have much better flavor (attributable to the gClapton wrapping) and have a massive air flow and liquid flow. These coils last weeks! With the better longevity, these coils actually cost less than the Aspire Ni200 coils ... 

I'm sold on these and use them regularly. I've shown how my calculations show they are a good value proposition, but even if they were a bit more expensive, the enhanced flavor make these a premium coil worth having.