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Missing Slide

The slide that was not included in the weeks' handout had several statements that were objectionable:

  1. Electronic Cigarettes are banned in Canada (the suggestion in the slide is that no one can use these in Canada)
    This is mis-leading. Electronic cigarettes are not banned and are not illegal in Canada.
    Since 2009, e-cigarettes with nicotine have been banned from open sale by Health Canada decree. They are legal is the US and widely available throughout Canada ... as noted on other pages, Blu (the electronic cigarette produced by a major tobacco company) is current sold in convenience stores. Within a minutes of my home, I can drive to at least six retail outlets and buy Blu electronic cigarettes. Other electronic cigarettes are distributed at online shopping sites, at bricks-and-mortar locations (malls and other retail locations), flea markets, etc. 
  2. Can't smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere tobacco is banned.
    Completely false. Electronic cigarettes (also called eCigs, PV's or personal vaporizers, e-vapes, etc.) as not considered as regular tobacco. They can be used anywhere you like. There is mounting evidence and studies showing that the vapors created when using eCigs is not harmful to anyone nearby, whether outdoors or indoors. Despite this, please be mindful that many observers will not distinguish between regular smokers and users of eCigs. The smoke or steam cloud created by an eCig is quite similar to the smoke cloud created by a regular cigarette. Before your use your eCig, check with the establishment for their policies. There are a considerable number of establishments welcoming eCig users.
  3. E-cigarettes are NOT approved by Health Canada for sale or use in Canada.
    This is an exact quote and a direct copy of part of the slide with the emphasis in place. Health Canada published an advisory on March 27 2009 that SUGGESTED Canadians not use electronic cigarettes. This advisory is now nearly five years old with no update or clarification from Health Canada ... in the meantime, the industry has made leaps and bounds (some good, some bad). Electronic cigarettes are in wide use and is estimated to be a $1.2 billion industry in North America. Whether Health Canada approves or not, this industry is moving forward (particularly with the big tobacco companies now involved, it will mushroom).
    Health Canada's position on electronic cigarettes is based entirely on "medical" issues. Health Canada regulates any product that claims medical benefits, curative abilities, etc. In the case of medical products, Health Canada would provide a "DIN" number (Drug Information Numer). Electronic cigarettes are not a drug or medical product, they are a consumer product. Electronic cigarettes are already regulated in Canada under the Food and Drug Act that governs the nicotine content of eLiquid, and the electronic/mechanical components of the devices.

Come on, wake up. Most of the language used in these slides is directly lifted from US government meetings that have been heavily lobbied by the tobacco industry.

Given the choice, would you rather I used cigarettes that are PROVEN to contain benzyne, acetone, arsenic, benzopyrene, cardmium, DDT, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, lead, mercury, toluene, vinyl chloride? And this list is nowhere near comprehensive: if it were you would be scrolling for hours reading the names of some 4000+ chemicals ... OR WOULD YOU RATHER I USE eCigs with only a handful of chemicals? One chemical is common to regular cigarettes: nicotine. The other chemical used in some eCigs is common to all regular cigarettes: propylene glycol ....