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Advanced SVD 2.0 Kit from 180 Smoke

180 Smoke has put an outstanding value pacakge together for those upgrading. The key component is the Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 that combines the innovative designs of Innokin with the well known and established Evolv chipset.

This kit is as complete as it gets:

  • Innokin SVD 2.0 Advanced Personal Vaporizer in your choice of black or brushed stainless finish (the one we are reviewing is the black one shown)
  • Your choice of a Nautilus Mini, Nautilus, or Aerotank 2.0 glassomizers
  • A high-drain 18650 battery, your choice IMR or INR
  • Efest 18650 wall charger
  • And your choice of 180 Smoke eLiquid

This is an oustanding value. You get everything needed to vape, including the juice. The Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 is one really nice device. Based on the solid reputation of the original SVD, this version is designed around the well established Evolv 20 watt chipset. The Innokin SVD 2.0 is gift boxed. This is also a review of the Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0. Included in the SVD 2.0 box:

  • Innokin iTaste 2.0 in your choice of black or brushed stainless steel with an 18650 tube
  • An extra eGo connector top that you can interchange with the regular 510 connector top
  • A very innovative case that includes a battery charge meter
  • A shorter battery tube to accommodate an 18350 battery
  • A lanyard
  • And a very well written user manual

At the top right, you can see the SVD 2.0 in the black finish, and at the right is the chome style finish. We're showing the chome here because it is the best way to describe the button layout and the OLED screen.

The button layout is the familiar style, and the position of the OLED screen is opposing side of the buttons just like the original SVD. Three quick presses of the fire button will toggle power on/off. The + button increases the wattage in 0.1 watt increments to a maximum of 20 watts. The - button decreases wattage in 0.1 watt increments to a minimum of 5.0 watts. Pressing and holding either of the buttons will accelerate the process.

Pressing the button delivers power to the coil near instantaneously. No lag time, and immediate gratification. The Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 supports coil resistance ranging from 0.5 ohms to 3.0 ohms.

Safety features are well handled with reverse polarity protection, shut off timer, short circuit protection, and overheat protection. The device also will not work if 18350 batteries are stacked (putting batteries in series is not supported).

The case included with the SVD 2.0 is also quite smartly designed. It holds the included 18350 tube, an alternate connector top that supports eGo threaded tanks, and an innovative battery charge checker (shown at left).

I really like having the 18350 battery tube handy. That puts this device into "stealth" type mode. With the 18350 tube and battery, this device becomes much shorter and much less obtrusive – yet fully functional.

With this advanced starter kit, 180 Smoke are packaging the best of the best – desirable components at a really excellent price. In addition to the innovative and powerful SVD 2.0, a buyer can also choose from the top three available tanks: your choice of a Nautilus Mini that has an eLiquid capacity of 2.5 ml, the full size Nautilus with a capacity of 5.0 ml, and the Aerotank V2 with a capacity of 3.5 ml. You can also choose the battery: an AW 18650 IMR or a Samsung 18650 INR (The test unit came with the Samsung 18650 INR). You also get an Efest wall charger and this all gets topped off with your choice of 180 Smoke eLiquid. Well rounded kit and well priced.

There are three choices for clearomizers in this kit ... and all three are absolutely the top end of the clearomizers available. Here's a break down of all three:

  • Nautilus is the full size version with a capacity of 5.0 ml. It has a diameter of 23.5 mm and is a perfect fit for the Innokin itaste SVD 2.0. The Nautilus now features the Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) that provides exceptional flavor and throat hit – and does wonderful justice to the 180 Smoke eLiquid.
  • Nautilus Mini is the smaller version with a capacity of 1.2 ml. With its diameter of 19.1 mm, it is smaller than the diameter of the SVD 2.0, but also provides compatibility for other devices you may have. The Nautilus Mini also uses the Aspire BVC coils.
  • Aerotank V2 has a diameter of 18.4 mm but a larger capacity of 2.8 ml. It is the smallest of the three choices. Made by KangerTech, it uses the latest Kanger BDC (Bottom Dual Coils) that are also known for exceptional flavor and throat hit.

As complete as this kit gets, there's more. 180 Smoke also include your choice of the AW IMR 2000 mAh 18650 battery or the Samsung INR 2500 mAh 18650 battery. Both are very good quality and rated as the best available. About the only difference is that the Samsung might provide a little bit longer life between charges. Also included in the kit is a wall charger made by Efest (as shown at the right).

Bought separately, the individual components of this kit would drive the price upwards. At the kit price, this is an excellent value.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The Innokin iTaste SVD was one accomplished advanced personal vaporizer. This latest version, the SVD 2.0, refines the vape even more. It is designed around the popular and proven Evolv DNA 20 chipset. This provides a very smooth vape, it is reliable and robust. It also is very efficient in its draw on the battery. While using it, the battery seemed to last longer on the SVD 2.0 than on a comparable variable wattage device at the same settings. The SVD 2.0 is an excellent upgrade for anyone looking to enhance their vaping experience and I highly recommend this kit with the value it provides buyers.

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