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Joyetech AIO

Let's make no mistake about it: this is a starter kit. A perfect starter kit.

What do I mean by perfect? Well, if this would have been available when I started vaping, it would have stopped by search for something better.

The Joyetech AIO is a complete system, a complete starter kit. Pick out an E-Liquid flavor you like, charge it and vape away. That's it. Nothing else required.

While most starter kits are in the $60 range (plus E-Liquid), this is $22.95 (plus E-Liquid). All things being equal, the savings are incredible. Buy two and you have a strategy to get through an entire day of vaping without having to seek out a power plug.

E-Liquid capacity is 2 ML. On one battery charge, you'll get about 3 to 3.5 ML of liquid. For many, that's adequate for one full day.

The Joyetech AIO (which stands for All-In-One) is exactly that, all in one.

It's available in quite a few colors and color combos, as shown at the left:

(from the left) Black and Gray, White and Red, White and Black, Black, and Silver.

The Joyetech AIO is 19 mm in diameter, with a height of 119 mm including the drip tip. Tiny by the old eGo standards. The older style were a smaller diameter, but at 1500 mAh (like this new Joyetech AIO), you could end up with an awful tall device. I used to joke about the old style: put a u-shaped handle on it and you had a walking cane.

By those standards, this is tiny and perfect for the hand.

The fire button is the standard five-on and five-off. When powered off, press and hold the fire button to select the color of the LED ... the LED actually displays in the liquid view area from the bottom. You get to pick from red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, white or purple.

The atomizer tank is built in and uses Cubis style coils. There are two coils included in the package, both are 0.6 ohms. The Joyetech AIO is not adjustable, you get whatever power is left in the battery, which means it will generate about 15 to 28 watts of power to the coil. One downside is that there is no way of knowing how much charge is left in the battery. If the Joyetech AIO is a consideration for you, I would suggest getting two of them so that you are not tempted to go back to cigarettes if the battery dies while you are away from a power source to recharge. That is not an issue, however, since the price point of this is considerably less than most starter kits.

Filling the tank is really simple. The top is child-proof, you press it down and then turn to remove it. It's not complicated, and requires slightly more pressure than a child can provide. When you get it off, the coil is attached to the top, so you have a chamber with no air flow chimneys to worry about – no way of getting any liquid in the wrong "hole". The top is also where you adjust air flow. Line up the small mark on the fixed portion of the top, with the slightly larger mark on the turning ring, and you have maximum air flow. You can adjust it right or left to get an even tighter draw.

We received the black unit for testing and review. I wouldn't recommend anyone to get the black or silver unit. They are solid colors and the markings on these solid colors is nearly impossible to see. On the multi-colored units, it's a lot easier to see the fill level mark, plus you also have a second color with the top of that second color lines up with the upper-most fill level for E-Liquid. Can't get any easier. Since the E-Liquid chamber is wide open, any size container or eye dropper will work easily. Once you have it filled, screw the top back in and you are ready to vape again. The threading is buttery smooth, too. We also need to point out that since this is an all-in-one design, the "tank" portion is not removable. If you need to clean it out, you will have to be careful – you can't dip this in water to clean it. You'll have to use cotton swabs, tissues, or paper towel. Don't get that battery wet.

The top is also where you adjust the air flow. The draw (inhale) on the Joyetech AIO is tight – it's perfect for mouth inhales, and quite similar to the way a smoker would draw on a cigarette. Even at wide open, the air flow would not be suitable to anyone that likes to lung draw.

At the right is an image (marketing collaterals from Joyetech) that show the fill level markings on the silver unit, and fill level viewing on the multi-colored Joyetech AIO. Save yourself some grief, get the multi-colored version (unless you have some great eye-sight).

Below the E-Liquid view window is the micro USB port. That's for charging the device. Although not in the specification, we believe this charges at 1 amp. It's quite fast to charge.

Compared to other starter kits, the Joyetech AIO generates some incredible flavor. Like most starter kits, this is not adjustable. The circuitry is exceptional ... it provided an excellent vape throughout the life of the battery (before needing a recharge). It's well designed and engineered.

Oh I wish this had been available when I switched from smoking to vaping. The satisfaction level of using this is quite high. It's light, it's complete. The top fill is leaf-proof and so incredibly simple. The risks of getting juice leaking all over the place is eliminated. Learning is fast, no need to "tilt", no need to avoid a center air flow chimney. I'm a heavy vaper ... despite using this like any other device I have tested and reviewed, the battery seemed to go on forever. It lasted a lot longer than I expected it to, and a minimum of an 8 hour day.

The flavor genereated by the Joyetech AIO is also a complete surprise. Outstanding flavor. I primed the new coil with 4 to 5 drops of E-Liquid, set it aside for less than one minute while I filled the chamber and started vaping. From the first draw, a perfect vape. This is what juice should taste like, period. At this price point, I am amazed.

What's in the box?

  • Joyetech AIO
  • Two 0.6 ohm coils (compatibility with Cubis)
  • E-Liquid filling instruction card
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction sheet
  • Micro USB charge cable (note, there is no wall charger, you use your computer or buy a wall charger)

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it?

Yes, yes, and again, yes. This is a well priced starter kit that absolutely has to be the first device a smoker buys to get into vaping. Get this and the success rate of staying off smokes goes up considerably. It's convenient, it's easy to use, it's unobtrusive, and it's very low priced. And, to indicate how important this new technology is: I have a friend going through cancer treatments. He's a smoker and I've showed him the device. He is going through chemo and radiation therapy shortly and struggling with his smoking ... I'm getting a second kit and giving him both along with several bottles of E-Liquid. I'm confident that he'll be able to stay off the smokes and use this from now on. You need to get one (or two) yourself. Well worth it.

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